Kiwanis Club honors Super Citizens

The Lake Granbury Kiwanis Club honored several Hood County fourth- and fifth-graders as Super Citizens during a luncheon on Thursday. Granbury students honored were: Acton Elementary School – 4th grade: Emily Huff, Russel Moore; 5th grade: Kyler Gibson, Mackenzie McLendon. Baccus Elementary School – 4th grade: Tyler Ellis, Hector Morales; 5th grade: Ashley Garcia, Jay Martin. Brawner Intermediate School – 4th grade: Carrie Landrum, Madelyn Lane; 5th grade: Citlalli Arriaga, Caitlyn Green. Mambrino School – 4th grade: Benny Lara, Sidney Stephenson; 5th grade: Asher Felty, Makayla Woody. Oak Woods School – 4th grade: Adam Dillivan, Jonathan Rositas; 5th grade: Madison Emerson, Trevaun Hughes.