Jury sees interview of murder defendant claiming shooting wasn’t intentional

Wednesday afternoon in 355th Judicial District Court, the jury in the ongoing capital murder trial of 24-year-old Justin Wade Ragan was shown a DVD recording of two Texas Rangers interviewing him following the Jan. 17 shooting death of Gene Sabin at T.J.’s Private Club and Cafe. During the interview, Ragan stated that the was high on methamphetamine and went to T.J.’s intending to burglarize it but did not realize Sabin was inside. Ragan told the Rangers that he forced Sabin into a storage closet just inside the front door of the club, but that he was surprised when Sabin got out and the 9mm firearm Ragan had brought with him discharged a single bullet although he thought the safety was on. Earlier in the day, two witnesses who knewRagan testified that he had revealed – each in separate conversations – that he shot someone that morning. The trial is set to resume Thursday at 8:30 a.m.