Father of alleged sexual assault victim says McCommas intended to kill family

The father of an underage girl who Joshua resident Ricky Don McCommas was accused of sexually assaulting said on Sunday that he believes McCommas came to their Oak Trail Shores home Friday with the intention of killing their entire family. That occurred just before McCommas shot Hood County Sheriff’s Office deputy Lance McLean in the head and wounded Granbury police officer Chad Davis, according to officials. Sergeant McLean, 38, of Hico, was pronounced dead shortly before noon Saturday in a Fort Worth hospital. The 46-year-old OTS man also told the Hood County News that a 17-year-old boy who was at the residence on Edgecliff Court suffered a chest wound from shrapnel after a bullet from a handgun McCommas fired multiple times toward the family outside their home richocheted. The boy was treated and released at a Fort Worth Hospital, the man said. The man emphasized that the family will not grant any more interviews to the news media. Davis is recovering from a bullet wound to his upper right arm. McCommas was killed in a shootout with officers just outside City Hall after he drove from the OTS residence to downtown Granbury.