Election Day is tomorrow

Tomorrow – Tuesday, March 4 – is the primary election. Polls will be open from 7 to 7. Ten county races are on the ballot, and four of them are contested. Hood County resident Cullen Crisp is posing a challenge to state Rep. Jim Keffer for the District 60 seat. The Hood County News will post election results after the polls close. A precinct map and polling locations can be found here: http://hcnews.com/pages/live-events/voting-precinct-map-polls/. Voters must present a photo ID. Only those who live in Precinct 1 will be able to vote at Annex 1, which is located at 1410 W. Pearl St. In the past, this has posed some confusion on Election Day because all early voting takes place at that location. According to the county elections office, 4,032 ballots were cast during early voting. Of those, 261 were Democratic ballots and 3,771 were Republican.