Both lanes open again on Hill City Highway in Tolar, but transport trailers still stranded

Two 120-foot halves of a train trestle being transported on two tanden truck trailers from San Angelo to a construction site on Highway 121 in Fort Worth caused traffic delays and headaches Thursday in separate incidents in Tolar and Granbury – and the adventure is not over yet. Tolar Police Chief R.C. Cox said that the driver of one of the trucks was cited by the DPS for operating an unsafe vehicle after his load – a 130,000-pound steel trestle piece – fell off of the truck’s trailer in the southbound lane of Hill City Highway in Tolar, at the edge of Meyer’s Kwik Stop parking lot when a pin connecting the trailer broke. Cox explained that the second truck driver intended to deliver his trestle piece to Fort Worth, then return to Tolar and have heavy-duty cranes place the other steel piece on his trailer so he could deliver it later. But that plan went awry as well, when the load on his truck began to shift at the intersetion of Paluxy Highway at Glen Rose Highway in Granbury. Both trucks will stay parked overnight, Cox said. The roadway is no longer blocked at either location, and the work to finish the delivery is scheduled to resume at noon on Friday.