Boats docks to be ready by summer

Something is finally going to be done about those poles sticking out of the water across from the Hilton Garden Inn near the Granbury Resort Conference Center. Although a lawsuit settlement between the city of Granbury and Jay Mills Contracting, Inc. was agreed upon a while back, the paperwork has now been executed. The lawsuit was over a disagreement in the types of materials that were to be used for a public boat dock and fishing pier. Per the agreement, Jay Mills Contracting, Inc. will construct the boat dock and fishing pier using newly designed steel panels that are one-quarter-inch thick – stronger than in the original specifications. The city will get a better product for the same contract price that was negotiated three years ago, according to a statement issued from City Hall. City Attorney Stuart Neal said the work will be done in five months, making the boat dock and fishing pier ready for public use sometime in the summer.