“At the state’s mercy”: Tax Assessor on downed computers

Tax Assessor-Collector Teresa McCoy has closed her Pearl Street office for the rest of the day (Monday, Jan. 6) because the office’s computers, which are on the state DMV system, are down. The Department of Motor Vehicles has run a diagnostic test and will be shipping a new router to the Granbury office overnight, she said. McCoy said that she is basically “at the state’s mercy” until the new router arrives. Title transfers and vehicle registration stickers can still be obtained at the Acton office, which is unaffected by the glitch. That office is located at 5417 Acton Highway, Suite 104 (next to Family Dollar). Those who need a new registration sticker but whose old one has not yet expired can purchase a new sticker at the service counters at Kroger or H-E-B, or they can purchase one online.