When Butler speaks, always worth a listen

June 22, 2013

While it’s not as high on the list of priorities as free pepperoni pizza in the hospitality room, great quotes means a lot to folks in the newspaper biz.

These were topics on Granbury Athletic Director’s mind when he spoke to the Lake Granbury Kiwanis Club:

The state of GHS sports: “I think we’ve become a program people no longer try to schedule all the time. When I came here we were homecoming for 10 football games.”

Playing multiple sports: “That’s my philosophy.Kids should enjoy everything they can in high school, and that includes any and all sports.”

Club sports: “I have no problem with club sports. I have a problem with club coaches telling kids the only way to get a scholarship is to play club sports.”

Pesky parents: “The object of a coach is to win, so he or she is not going to bench a kid because they don’t like the parent. I’ve been a coach for 30-something years, and I don’t care what your daddy says to me, if you’re good, you’re playing.”

GHS boys soccer showing class against some nasty opposition: “I’ve been here eight years, and that’s the best representation we’ve had. Sometimes we as adults should look to our kids for leadership.”

Adversity: “People go to work every day even though they don’t like their boss. Maybe they don’t like other people in their office. You fight through it.

“Don’t quit a sport you love because you have a problem with a coach or a teammate. The sport will go on, and you might be out there wishing you were still playing.”

We could use more like Dwight. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say next.

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