February 19, 2014


Granbury 9th 30

Southwest 9th 27

Granbury scorers – B. Pollard 11, A. Montgomery 5, K. Parks 4, G. Thomas 4, T. Henney 2, S. Knowles 2, B. Andres 1, K. Davis 1.

Burleson Kerr 8th C 13

AMS 8th White 6

Acton standout – Ashleigh Wilson.

Mineral Wells 8th C 17

AMS 8th White 10

Acton standout – Lucia Gamez.

Stephenville 8th C 39

AMS 8th White 6

Acton standout – Ashleigh Wilson.

Brewer 8th C 26

AMS 8th White 9

Acton standout – Melody Mixon

Joshua 8th C 20

AMS 8th White 5

Acton standout – Destiny Garcia.

Note – also on AMS White team were Lauren Boleng, Michaela Nadason, and Hanna McCray.

Burleson Kerr 8th B 15

AMS 8th Gold 6

Acton standout – Stevie McCoy.

AMS 8th B 31

Mineral Wells 8th B 28

Acton standout – Lexi Nelson.

Stephenville 8th B 27

AMS 8th Gold 9

Acton standout – Baylee Eliasson.

AMS 8th Gold 22

Brewer 8th B 3

Acton standout – Everly Carey.

AMS 8th Gold 26

Everman 8th B 12

Acton standout – Everly Carey.

AMS 8th Gold 20

Joshua 8th B 14

Acton standout – Lexi Nelson.

Note – Acton finished second in the Quad-County District. The Lady Pirates were also second in the AMS/GMS Tournament to Granbury Middle School. Acton tournament standouts were Everly Carey and Lexi Nelson. Also on the team were Haley McLane, Alissa Oquendo, and Hannah Pallett.

Burleson Kerr 8th A 30

AMS 8th Purple 7

Acton standout – Carly Cheek.

Mineral Wells 8th A 29

AMS 8th Purple 23

Acton standout – Kylee Sparks.

Stephenville 8th A 32

AMS 8th Purple 13

Acton standout – Madison Yarbrough.

AMS 8th Purple 21

Brewer 8th A 19

Acton standout – Kylee Sparks.

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