Spring frenzy getting near

March 29, 2014

The spring frenzy is starting to take off.

The water temperatures have been rising and better fishing reports are coming in from numerous lakes. Typically, when the fishing is good on one of our North Texas lakes, it is good all over with very few exceptions.

Now is the time to get on the water.

It is no surprise to me how similar the fishing reports have been on most of our area lakes. The rise in temperature brings more active fish.

If the weather holds out this weekend, this will probably be one of the best times to be on the water this month. Not only are the fish in the spring feeding mode, there is new moon, which will push most of the feeding action to the day time.

In fact, the predicted activity, according to the moon, is the best weekend of the month.

Look for that early and late bite and the mid-day bite should be good as well. This is also a great time for catching a real big fish.

Not every day will be great, but your chances are better this time of the year. I would look for those days when the weather has been stable for a couple of days.

For instance, the third warm day in a row before a front moves in is a good choice, especially for shallow water action.

Many times fishing the transition as a front approaches or just after it passes can be great as well.

It also doesn’t matter what species you seek, the feeding frenzy action will be there for the taking this season. Sand bass are on their spawning run and fish are being taken easily on the main lake and in the entrances to rivers and creeks.

Most of the fish will spawn on wind-blown banks on the main lake as the low water conditions will not allow them to venture upstream.

Whitney water levels are better and many fish are moving up the Brazos to near the Mouth of the Nolan to Kimball Bend area.

Same kind of sand bass action is being reported from Eagle Mountain, Bridgeport, Lewisville and Ray Hubbard.

Crappie catching is also better with some good action being reported at Benbrook, Proctor and at Bridgeport. These are some of the better crappie lakes in the area.

Black bass reports are also good.

Our cold winter is bringing on the spring spawn a little later on most lakes (except power plant lakes like Squaw Creek). Many folks will be looking for that trophy largemouth.

Live bait anglers will use live waterdogs this time of the year looking for that lunker to bite.

Stripers on Texoma slowed earlier this month, however reports have them biting again as well. Most of the reported action is coming from under the birds.

Hybrid stripers are starting to feed for their upcoming attempt at a spawn. When water temperatures on the main lake are close to the mid 60s, this action is sure to come.

Look for the action to be good on most every reservoir containing hybrids, namely Benbrook, Bridgeport, Proctor, Lewisville, Ray Hubbard and many more.

Catfish are the last to spawn, but they are moving up as well on those warm days. Even carp will move up in the shallows on warmer days and can be caught in numbers fairly easy in the back of sloughs.

This is also a great time of the year to get into some top water action. Look for shallow fish feeding or schooling fish.

Shallow fish can be typically cast to early and late or on overcast days. Keep your eyes and ears open as there are many clues to find active feeding fish, namely birds and obviously fish busting the surface.


Water temperatures are in the upper 50s on the main lake and warmer, of course in the back of sloughs. Water levels continue to fall to almost 10 feet low.

Rough Creek has been closed, and the only ramp I am aware of that is open is the ramp by the Hilton/City Beach.

Some sand bass and black bass action has been reported, but due to the limited access, not many reports are coming in. Some crappie catches near the 377 bridge continue to be reported.

Squaw Creek black bass continue to be good near beds on soft plastics. Catfish are good on prepared baits and cut shad.

Hybrids and sand bass reports on Lake Bridgeport have been reported as fair to good and improving. The same goes for other lakes like Lewisville and Benbrook.

I was able to catch some good sand bass on Benbrook last weekend. Whitney sand bass and small stripers are good near major creek entrances on the main lake.

Possum Kingdom has similar sand bass reports with some stripers being caught in Cedar Creek.

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