Sand bass and more good locally

December 1, 2012


I have been reporting great sand bass action on Granbury at numerous locations.

I have not fished Granbury that often this year. However, the last month or so the fishing has been great. Not only is the sand bass fishing good, the black bass anglers are catching some nice limits of fish to 6 pounds.

Some crappie anglers are doing pretty good as well. Striper fishing continues to be slow, but maybe those will come out of hiding as well.

Most of us Granbury anglers would love to stay on Granbury. Gas prices are too high to travel, though the golden algae fish kills in the past have pushed many local anglers to other bodies of water.

For those of you who have not heard, golden algae devastated the fishery in many reservoirs in Texas and other states over the past 10 years. The Brazos River chain of lakes, namely Possum Kingdom, Granbury and Whitney, continue to have repetitive kills off and on since 2001.

This is an algae that affects gill-breathing animals by emitting toxins that hamper their ability to breath. Golden algae blooms typically occur in the winter when the normally dominant good algae are not as dominant.

Golden algae is not harmful to humans or animals. It only affects aquatic species with gills/bi-valves. For more information on golden algae, visit the TPWD web site at

A large number of these sand bass (white bass) apparently escaped the algae in the winter by staying on the upper ends in the river where more water flow is present or by staying deep below the algae bloom.

It is known that water flow can upset a golden algae bloom by dispersing it. In addition, the algae can only bloom where sunlight is available (only down to approximately 10 feet below the surface). Cold, salty stagnant water on clear, sunny days is what the golden algae apparently prefers.

What do you call good sand bass action? How about numerous fish in the 2-pound range being caught?

I fished Granbury twice during the Thanksgiving holiday and boated hundreds of sand bass, and each day I left them biting. The birds will show you the way. There are numerous smaller fish, but you can cull a nice limit of large sand bass.

A few other anglers have read my reports and they are on the water catching fish. The only problem is that Granbury is 5 feet low and access is extremely limited. The launch by the dam is open and there is one ramp in town that can be used.

So where can one find these sand bass? They are traveling fools, and can be in an area for a few weeks and then move or they can move each day.

Right now these sand bass are scattered all over the lake. The areas where these sand bass are being caught include Bentwater, The Shores, Western Hills, deCordova and Striper Alley.

I haven’t heard any reports by Hunter Park, but they normally travel upstream and they should be there also. The lake is probably too low for these fish to make it to the river near Tin Top, but in years with normal lake levels I usually find them there.

Look for the birds. They may or may not be working, but they will probably be hovering over the fish and bait.

If the birds are nowhere to be found, work feeding flats near channel ledges in 15 to 25 feet of water. You’ll eventually find them.

One thing for sure is that if the bait is there, the chances of the fish being there are good. The other problem is that you will find baitfish everywhere in Granbury.

Even if the birds are not working, I would work areas where the birds are either sitting on the water or staying in the vicinity. However, don’t be fooled by the birds working Commorants.

This is great news for our home lake. I can’t wait to get back out there. The sand bass on the Brazos lakes are doing great.

I have been reporting how good the sand bass action is up at Possum Kingdom. Whitney sand bass are good as well, and Lake Whitney experienced a significant golden algae bloom last winter.

Time to break out the light tackle, jigs and slabs to catch some of these tasty sand bass. See you on the water.


Water temperatures are in the low 60s. The fall feeding frenzy is on folks.

All species should be feeding. Male and females are developing their silt/eggs and are feeding voraciously. Fishing is good.

White bass are good on slabs and most any shad imitation bait. Black bass are good on softplastics. Black bass can be caught schooling with the sand bass on feeding flats. A recent tournament on Granbury took 17 pounds-plus to win.

Squaw Creek black bass continue to be good in numbers on soft plastics. Some good topwater action continues to be reported. Benbrook hybrids are good on swimbaits and slabs.

Possum Kingdom sand bass and small stripers are good on slabs and soft plastics. Whitney fishing is picking up too, with some black bass anglers reporting some good catches.

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