No dodging fun within this sport

September 28, 2013

Remember being in fourth grade? Recess was the activity we all looked forward to.

Reminiscing on those days has brought an idea to life here at the Granbury Parks & Recreation Department – dodgeball. A simple, yet fun game to play with all your friends.

Fast-forward a few years – decades – and we are all grown up and looking for ways to relieve the stress that goes with adulthood. Sometimes a trip to the gym just isn’t enough.

But a chance to bounce a ball off of someone else, while dodging their attempts to do the same – fun, right?

On Saturday, Nov. 2, an adult dodgeball tournament will be held at Decker Gym. All participants must be 16 or older. Folks under 18 must sign a waiver.

There will be two divisions, men and women. Each team can have six players on the court at each time.

Six balls will be placed at mid-court, and when the whistle is blown, all players sprint from their starting positions toward the opposing teams to attempt to get a dodgeball. Before a ball is thrown, each individual lucky enough to grab a ball must return to back line (the starting position) before attacking the opposing team.

Each team will play a minimum of four matches. Each match will be a best-of-five games, with each game lasting three minutes.

The tournament champion of each division, men and women, will receive T-shirts and individual trophies. Each team may consist of up to a total of 10 players on each roster.

Head and neck shots are not allowed. Also, the targeted player will not be declared as an out.

All equipment will be provided by the Granbury Parks & Recreation department, and uniforms are not required. However, it is requested that each team wear matching colors.

Entry fee is $100 per team. For info, league, or rules contact me at 817-573-7030 or [email protected]

This will be the rising point for the Adult Dodgeball League organized by the Granbury Parks & Recreation Department starting in the spring of 2014.

For those needing additiional refreshing on the sport, you can always rent the hilarious movie that starred Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller from a few years ago. But no bringing wrenches to the tournament (once you see the movie, you’ll get the reference).

And who knows, while there’s no giant cash prize to take home, like Average Joe’s (the team in the movie) won, your team might have its own Cinderella story to tell.

[email protected] | 817-573-7330

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