Mike Acosta: Lake reports strong

April 20, 2012

The fishing reports from lakes all over North Texas are mostly good to excellent. Many lakes are bragging on excellent catches for many different species.

The bite should continue for awhile as the spring conditions are prime. Water temperatures on most of these lakes are in and around the low 70s. Consult your lunar chart as the fishing is expected to be good through most of this month this weekend due to the new moon, the quarter moon peaks in about a week and the full moon peaks about two weeks from now.

I fished Lake Benbrook twice recently with great action for big hybrid stripers and sand bass. Once you locate the active fish, the feed is on. Most of the action is close to feeding flats near drop offs.

Drifting the edges of the flats will be productive. Some topwater action is possible and birds on some days may point you to the fish.

Live bait is producing the biggest fish, but numerous fish can be caught on most any shad imitation artificial bait. I like bouncing slabs off the bottom. It is effective when you can stir up the bottom a little to bring on the bite

Whitney is the exception on the good fishing. Most fishing reports at Whitney have been slow due to a golden algae bloom. I understand that the bloom is clearing, and the fishing will surely return to the lower ends when the fish migrate back.

Granbury black bass fishing continues to be good to 6 pounds near clearing water near laydowns close to the banks. A couple of recent tournaments on Granbury had winning stringers close to 18 pounds. Striper fishing on Granbury has been slow.

Bridgeport, Lewisville and Ray Hubbard sand bass and hybrid striper fishing is good to excellent on the main lake. Look for birds or lookifor groups of anglers. Once one boat starts catching fish, many are quick to follow.

Remember that you should maintain at least 50 feet from other boats and 100 feet on Granbury. Also, when nearing another angler catching fish, turn off your big motor and use your trolling motor as you approach.

Crappie fishing on Bridgeport and Benbrook are good on small minnows in the shallows. Some are being taken near Bridge pilings and other structure.

Striper fishing reports from Lake Texoma are excellent. Limits of fish are being taken on most days. Live bait presentations on the lower ends of the lake where the water is clear are the best areas right now. Both rivers feeding Texoma are stained.

Possum Kindgom sand bass and small stripers action is good around mid lake near Costello Island on slabs. Post spawn fish are returning to the main lake.

I haven’t mentioned all of our North Texas lakes, but if they have fish they are more than likely in the spring feeding mode. Now is the time to go wet a line. The weather is pleasant and your chances of being successful are high.


Granbury is finally settling out. Water temperatures can be from the low 70s on one day and up around 80 degrees in the back of the sloughs on the warmer afternoons.

Black bass fishing continues to be fair to good to 6 pounds on main lake points and in the river above Granbury. Some catfish catches have been reported. Report from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department indicates that we do not have any toxic algae at this time.

Lake Whitney, on the other hand, has some toxic algae in some areas. However, there is clean water at Whitney for the fish to escape to. The verdict on the impact to Whitney’s fishery will be known shortly.

You can catch some great hybrid striper action on Lewisville, Ray Hubbard, Bridgeport and Benbrook. Live bait is producing good catches, but slabs and swim baits are effective as well.

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