Lake activity can shut down fish

September 14, 2013

As our area grows, anglers are forced to share our public waters with many different kinds of watercraft. This kind of boat activity should be considered not just for anglers but for other boaters trying to find a safe time to enjoy the waters.

On summer weekends this can be an impact to fishing.

Even if your graph tells you that the fish are there, it may be time to move as the fish may be shut down by all the activity. More often than not, this traffic will upset the bite.

I like fishing as many spots early as possible before the recreational boaters crawl out of bed. However, it is not just the recreational boaters that can turn off the bite. Other angler’s curiosity by getting too close, or a rude boater jumping from hole to hole and running too close can shut down the bite.

Some tournament anglers forget about courtesy on the water, and some anglers just don’t realize they are upsetting fish.

Some trollers with their big motors will try to run right next to me. This is a safety issue, and there are laws to prohibit approaching too close. Some boaters will speed close by, causing a major wake that can be upsetting when they could have veered farther around the anglers to not create such havoc.

Some of the larger craft on the water can create waves big enough to swamp some smaller craft.

A little simple courtesy and keeping your safe distances from other boaters goes a long way.

Keep a mental note of where most of the recreational boaters are located. They will generally be in the same areas on most weekends.

Black bass anglers can move shallow or work structure along the shoreline during certain times of the day. This will usually keep you away from the recreational boaters, but may not keep you away from the incoming waves/wakes.

Other times when the fish are out deeper on humps or other structure, you may be prone to more interfaces with other boaters. This is usually the case with local striper anglers fishing deeper waters.

“No Wake” zones can offer some safe haven from the constant boat waves that will come and rock you off and on, and this no wake zone may have some fish that are more prone to bite.

On occasion during a busy recreational boater day on the lake, the bait fish will be driven and congregated into less traveled sloughs and shallows to avoid the jet aircraft flying up above. This has made it easy for me to guess where the bait fish are located.

In this case the boat traffic can be used to your advantage. If the bait fish are congregated in an area, where do think the predators will be?

If you don’t mind fishing in the cold, winter fishing for stripers is one of the best times of the year, and you generally will not have to worry about recreational boaters except for an isolated dedicated skier in a wet suit.


Water temperatures on Granbury continue to be in the middle to upper 80s and in the low 90s in the backs of sloughs and in shallow water.

Sand bass fishing reports continue to be mostly good. However, some slowdown has been reported. Best action has been early and late.

Lots of small stripers are being caught with the sand bass. Make sure you know the difference. Consult the TPWD handbook.

Black bass anglers continue to catch numbers of small fish with an occasional good fish to 6 pounds on soft plastics and crank baits.

Tilapia are feeding heavily on Squaw Creek lake. This is an invasive species and should not be released back into the lake.

Black bass to 6 pounds are good on deep diving crankbaits and texas rigged soft plastics.

Best hybrid striper action in our area is at Lewisville and Proctor. Other lakes producing good hybrids include Benbrook and Bridgeport.

Best crappie action is at Benbrook and Bridgeport as well.Both of these lake are extremely low, so call to make sure you can launch.

Lake Whitney sand bass are good to excellent on slabs and jigs. Possum Kingdom stripers are fair to good on live shad fishing in 25 to 30 feet of water.

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