Granbury football players, coaches hoping 13 is lucky number

While many folks will shy away from the number 13 for superstitious reasons, the Granbury Pirates football team is embracing it.

From the outset of this season, two words have been ringing loud through practice, in team meetings, and in the locker room.

“Week 13.”

“We expect that. We’re a good team with way too much talent to not be expecting to play then,” said junior quarterback Ryan Suitt.

Week 13 is the second round of the playoffs, a place no Granbury football team has been since 1967 when they tied Crane 0-0 but failed to advance on penetrations.

Back then there was no overtime. When a playoff game ended in a tie, the team that drove inside the other’s 20-yard line the most was declared the winner. If that statistic was tied, they went to first downs, then yardage, all the way down a list to a coin flip.

Now, with overtimes, teams win and advance on the field – and the Pirates believe they have what it takes to move to Round 2.

Which team they will be taking on in bidistrict was still being determined at press time. If Granbury defeated Arlington Heights at home last night, the Pirates will play Cleburne or Waco High. If Granbury lost, the Pirates will face Crowley.

The game will likely be at Baylor’s Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco Friday of next week, Granbury athletic director Dwight Butler said. The Pirates lost a coin flip with Waco to determine game site, and Granbury, Crowley and Cleburne mutually agreed on the site, Pirate coach Scotty Pugh said.

Pugh stressed that speaking of Week 13 in no way means his team is overlooking its bidistrict foe. He simply said that with three consecutive bidistrict exits, the bar has been set a little higher this season.

“That’s the carrot we’re dangling out there,” he said. “They’ve had great accomplishments to this point, and that should never be overlooked, but we can’t have any steps backwards.”

The Pirates entered last night standing 8-1, with their lone loss coming on Nov. 1 at Aledo, 72-6. Despite the loss to the Bearcats, the state’s No. 1 team, Pugh reiterated that this team has done something that hasn’t been done in Granbury in nearly 50 years – win its first eight games.

And now, for only the second time in the history of the program, the Pirates are going to the postseason for a fourth straight year.

“I believe this is the team,” said junior running back Malik Allen, who moved to Granbury during the summer.

“We’re playing for Week 13. We haven’t been past that first round in a long, long time, and now it’s time.”



Granbury High turned in an enrollment figure of 1,911 to the University Interscholastic League recently. Based on the 2012 realignment numbers, that leaves the Pirates smack dab in the middle of Class 4A.

Make that 5A.

With the creation of Class 6A, all classifications will move up a notch. This means 5A will be 6A, 4A will be 5A, etc.

But who will be in Granbury’s district won’t be announced until February. Based on some other numbers turned in, the possibilities are wide open.

Birdville’s 2,006 leaves them in Granbury’s classification, as does Crowley’s 1,982, Arlington Seguin’s 1,694, Cleburne’s 1,679, and even Everman’s 1,323.

Crowley, Seguin, Cleburne and Everman have all shared a district with Granbury before 2012’s realignment.

It is possible that Granbury could be rejoining some of the Mansfield schools come February as several of those schools turned in numbers that have them dropping down. Summit reported 1,967, Legacy turned in 1,953, Lake Ridge presented 1,938, and Timberview reported 1,642.

Summit, Legacy and Timberview have all previously been in a district with Granbury.

And, of course, there is always the possibility that the Pirates will stay put with the Fort Worth schools and powerhouse Aledo.

We’ll know on Feb. 3.


Entering last night’s regular-season finale, Granbury quarterback Ryan Suitt was ranked fourth among Class 4A passers in the Fort Worth area. He had completed 102 of 176 passes for 1,913 yards with 16 touchdowns and four interceptions.

And Suitt didn’t even through a pass in one contest, a 56-13 victory against O.D. Wyatt.

His favorite receiver, Nick Doughty, ranks sixth in the area. Doughty has caught 35 passes for 688 yards and five touchdowns.

And, despite being held to six points at Aledo, those six points came on a 60-yard pass from Suitt to Skylar Baskin. The Pirates are ranked 10th in passing offense, averaging 217.9 yards.

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