Former trainer still loves to fish

May 18, 2013


Eddie Lane has been fishing Granbury since the early 1980s. He is retired and enjoys his time on the water.

Eddie is known for his knowledge of the Brazos River, among other things. The book “Bridges over the Brazos” was published back in 2005, and Eddie and author Jon McConal have canoed and camped the Brazos, even retracing the canoe journey made famous by John Graves in “Goodbye to a River.”

The two drove more than four thousand miles to look at 62 bridges ranging from a private bridge made from oil-field pipe to modern concrete structures. They stood on the bridges and watched the river, sometimes loaded with trash, sometimes serene and gentle. They met the people who lived near the bridges, heard their stories, and ate in local cafes.

Eddie also has some great history as an athletic trainer at his alma mater SMU (1956) and in both the 1972 and 1996 Olympics.

Eddie was the head trainer at SMU from 1961 to 1972. He was the trainer at SMU when Jerry LeVias was signed as the first black scholarship player in the Southwest Conference back in 1965.

In 2008, HBO produced a documentary, “Breaking the Huddle: The Integration of College Football” which highlighted coach Hayden Fry and Jerry LeVias’ struggles while they integrated the Southwest Conference. Eddie was interviewed in that documentary.

He was in Munich in 1972 when terrorists attacked the Olympics, and in Atlanta in 1996 when a bombing occurred.

That is interesting history, but Eddie was quick to remind me of the good sand bass and striper fishing near the Hot Water Outlet, especially in the colder months when the deCordova plant used to run.

“Fishing there in the fall and winter was the best time, and tying up to the fence and casting a slab into the white water and burning it back was the option to use,” he said. “Burn the slab back fast. Otherwise, you might lose your lure”.

Eddie mentioned he liked to chase sandies in the shallow area in the mouth of Indian Harbor at times. His favorite lure was a double crappie jig and a popping cork.

“There were a usual gathering of anglers in the early morning before the sun rose above the Boy Scout camp,” Eddie said.

Eddie liked launching at Rough Creek (it is close to where he lives) and would typically work his way down to the Sandy Point, stopping at the Holiday Estate point across the lake from the Hot Water outlet.

“You should not forget the holes and humps out in front of Western Hills on your way upstream, as this location could be depended on for sandies and stripers,” Eddie said. “A guide named Jim Wann showed me these humps near Western Hills.”

Eddie went on to say that Sandy Point on the downstream side and the channel marker at the top of the point was and still is a must stop for slabbing sandies.

Another popular location Eddie likes is the mouth of Lambert Branch creek (called stink creek years back) and he had his best striper day there back in December of 1997.

Tin Top is a great fishing location from the fall to late spring Eddie says.

“Some of my favorite spots in the river include Sanchez Creek and the holes downstream of the Observatory,” he said.


Lake Granbury continues to fall and is getting close to 7 feet low. There have been repairs made to the Rough Creek launch and it is usable (I launched there twice in the last week). The ramp at the Hilton is still functional.

The Brazos River Authority is working on the launch at the dam, but the entire park is closed for the next few weeks for this work. Water temperatures are in the low 70s and rising. Sand bass, crappie and black bass fishing continues to be good at mid-lake and the lower lake.

Squaw Creek fishing is good on the upper ends for black bass. However, a golden algae kill has been confirmed at Squaw Creek. Dead shad and some game fish kills have been reported.

Benbrook hybrids numbers are good on slabs and live shad and there is plenty of water at Benbrook. The lake continues to rise due to filling from Richland Chambers. Benbrook crappie is good to excellent on small jigs and small minnows.

Lake Bridgeport is 17 feet down and is the lowest I have seen. The low water launch still works at Runaway Bay and the hybrids and sand bass are good on live shad and slabs.

Possum Kingdom and Whitney sand bass action continues to be good to excellent. Black bass fishing on Whitney is reported to be good to 7 pounds.

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