Fishing with a computer? You bet

April 5, 2014

Many anglers, including myself, are fairly active on the computer as well as on the water.

Surprisingly, a lot of good information comes from these fishing/hunting sites for most any lake in Texas. The site I visit most is the which covers mainly Texas waters.

Of course, I generally view/post on the striper/hybrid/white bass forum on the Texas Fishing Forum, but there are different forums for crappie, black bass, catfish and saltwater species.

You can also trade or sell in one of the forums made just for that. The good thing about most of these sites is that there is no fee to register and to use the forum. They are funded by the advertisements on their site.

There are many different forums for most anything and everything that you can think of besides fishing/hunting, as most of you know. There are sites for your vehicle, guns, and most any hobby.

These sites allow you to gain the knowledge of many on the subject you seek.

We know spending time on the internet does not push fish in the cooler or game in the fridge.There is no replacement for time in the outdoors (experience).

However, getting a little help on where to start and what to use is always appreciated whether it is fishing or whatever interest you have.

Many guides and anglers, including myself, will post reports on these forums at times. There is a lot of good information, but with any source of information, some of it you have to take with a grain of salt (contrary to popular belief, the internet is not always right).

Pictures and videos help to prove the valid reports.

You will, after a while, know where the good reports are coming from. Post your question on most any subject and generally someone out there has some kind of answer or discussion.

These discussions are entertainment for many just as any hobby is entertainment. If you can’t be on the water, why not plan your next trip with some hints from a discussion forum?

Several groups of anglers on these forums with common interest get together and plan trips on many different reservoirs and the coast.

There is one group I know of that plans trips (share the cost) down at the coast. It is a great way to meet folks with a common interest and save money on a fishing trip.

Many fishing clubs post tournaments on these sites as well. Bass clubs, striper clubs, crappie clubs etc. You name it and there is club out there with a common interest.

Post your fishing recipe or discuss the best equipment for your boat. The knowledge of many is powerful.

Visiting the forum is not as good as being on the water, but like I said earlier, it won’t hurt to find out what other folks are doing before you head out. The information age is definitely here to stay.

Take advantage of the information that is available for whatever subject you’re interested in.

Hood County Fishing Report

Granbury is close to 10 feet low and the only public ramp open is the one by City Beach.

The last time I looked, Rough Creek is no longer usable. One private ramp on the lower end was just modified and reopened. However, you must be a member to use that ramp.

Water temperatures are near 60 degrees and sand bass and black bass reports are getting better.

Squaw Creek black bass and catfish are good. Bedding fish are good soft plastics and lipless crankbaits. Catfish are good on prepared baits.

Possum Kingdom blue cats on cut shad are good to 25 pounds in shallow water. Sand bass are good from the Peanut Patch to Costello Island.

Lewisville hybrids are moving up in the shallows on the warmer days and can be had on live bait or lipless crankbaits fished near points near City Park.

Bridgeport is extremely low. However, access is still available at the 380 Bridge. Look for birds.

Benbrook action is good for crappie by the dam on small minnows or jigs. Benbrook sand bass are fair to good on slabs and small jigs fishing in 20 feet of water between the airplane park and the Dutch Branch opening.

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