Fishing good again on Lake Granbury

April 27, 2013

Yes folks, the fishing on Granbury is looking real good. No reports of dead fish or golden algae.

The only reports coming in are reports of good catches on our home lake. With those good reports, there are many anglers taking advantage of the action. The only open ramp near City Beach has been busy for sure.

This past Sunday, I had an opportunity to get out on Granbury with some visitors. Weather was beautiful with the exception of a little wind, but that did not stop us. I tried to convince the folks to fish the morning, but the afternoon was desired.

Luckily, it was one of those days where you can’t miss anytime of the day – at least for the sand bass angling. The reports from the black bass anglers were similar. The only sad part of the report is that the striped bass continue to be slow due to past algae kills.

The forage fish (shad) numbers appear to be strong, which is good news for the predators in the lake. Based on what I was catching, all the fish are healthy. They definitely did not appear to be missing any meals.

The sand bass numbers are strong, and on this day I caught fish at every stop from the Shores to Western Hills to Blue Water shores by the dam. Fish were biting everywhere. We literally caught well over a hundred sandbass in about four hours.

The black bass anglers are catching fish all over, too. Many are on the lower ends, but many are fishing mid-lake with some great success. Good black bass fishing is no surprise, as I have been reporting good catches for the past couple of months.

The surprise for many folks is the abundance of these fish in our lake based on past history.

The catfish are biting as well. Not as many anglers are chasing catfish, but they are there to catch.

Water clarity is real good, and water temperatures last Sunday p.m. were at 65 degrees on the main lake and a few degrees warmer in the backs of sloughs and creeks.

Sand bass on this day were in 15 to 25 feet of water near drop-offs. I did not see any surface action at all. Slabs bounced off the bottom were deadly.

One common question I get asked is “where did the fish go during the golden algae bloom?” This year we had a bloom mainly around the Bentwater and upstream to Hunter Park. The remaining parts of the lake were spared and the fish are finding safe haven.

Many anglers believe that the fish are getting smarter and staying out of the deadly bloom. The golden algae is a plant and needs sunlight to bloom. Those fish that stay below the bloom can survive, or those that find fresh incoming runoff can also find safe haven.

Some folks believe that nature is starting to take care of herself. I am not sure what the right answer is but I am sure enjoying being able to catch numbers of fish in our home lake. Now if we can get some water to fill her up, that would be a good thing.

There are good plans to restock striped bass in Granbury, Whitney and Possum Kingdom this year. We striper anglers are looking forward to that. However, we have to be patient as it will take a couple of years to get stripers to 18 inches (keeper size).

Remember that our lake is 6 feet low and many hazards exist navigating the lake. Be careful out there and follow the channel markers or even better follow the channel on your GPS because the markers are not necessarily in the main channel on all parts of the lake.


Water temperatures are in the middle 60s on most reservoirs. Bridgeport sand bass and hybrids continue to be good on live shad and rattle traps. Lake Whitney and Possum Kingdom are boasting some good sand bass catches on the main lake.

Proctor and Benbrook hybrids and sand bass are good on the main lake. Sand bass spawn has tapered some on the upper ends of most reservoirs.

Lake Benbrook has been filling up due to some extra water being pumped from Richland Chambers and is now only 4 feet low. Access is available at numerous ramps around Benbrook Lake.

Lewisville hybrids continue to be good to excellent right before the passing fronts. Hybrids are good on live shad and swim baits. Birds can point you to active fish.

Squaw Creek black bass catches continue to consistent to 6 pounds on soft plastics. Channel catfish reports are improving on Squaw Creek. Possum Kingdom black bass catches have been reported as good with many fish still staging for the spawn. The golden algae bloom at Possum Kingdom has been reported to be tapering off.

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