Can I get a yaaaaaay for v’ball?

October 5, 2013

Anyone who’s ever seen a volleyball match knows the familiar cry after each point.

It doesn’t matter if a team is ahead 23-0 or behind 23-0, when the point is over, the girls will shout their loudest in unison.


It’s arguably the most common occurrence in sports. Football players will sometimes do a dance in the end zone, or they might simply hand the ball to the official. Baseball players sometimes do a chest bump after a home run, and sometimes they simply exchange high-fives at home plate.

But whether it’s a thunderous spike or a simple dink that narrowly gets over the net, in volleyball, ANY point is followed by “Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!”

Teams will put their own variation on it, such as the Granbury Lady Pirates gathering near mid-court, and stomping their feet before shouting “Yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!”

You gotta appreciate that enthusiasm, and Granbury coach Tammy Clark agrees.

“It’s a battle of momentum that’s constantly ongoing,” said Clark. “So much hangs on every single touch of the ball.”

And volleyball is a sport where, perhaps more than any other, momentum shifts quicker than Taylor Swift changes boyfriends.

“There’s so many moving parts that people don’t see, but if you can grab the momentum and take it for a run, that’s exciting,” Clark said.

And since each rotation is basically a new set of girls on the court, the excitement of each point is enhanced.


Don’t misunderstand me, I do not pretend to know one-hundredth the amount of volleyball Clark or any other coach does. But I do know excitement when I see it.

Of course my favorite all-time cheer will remain the one I heard one time at a high school softball game.

“Na-cho, na-cho pitch … you don’t have to hit it if it’s na-cho pitch …”


And whichever team was the first to shout “Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!” in unison was ground-breaking. Little did they know they would be paving the way for teams from youth leagues to Olympics.

Sports is all about excitement, and what better way to show excitement than to celebrate at every opportunity? Sure, jokes have been and will be made about such celebrations, and even the volleyball coaches and players see the humor.

This type of celebration would seem out of place in some other sports, granted.

For example, if players ran up to each other and shouted “Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!” after each made hoop in basketball. I also don’t see it ever becoming popular on a golf course.

But it fits in volleyball. In fact, the sport wouldn’t be the same without it.

And, as Clark also noted, a player had better be caught up in every moment of a volleyball match. After all, there is a big ball being slammed around at a high velocity, and the slightest lack of concentration or drifting of the mind could result in said ball ricocheting off a face.

“And we don’t want to be that girl,” Clark said with a chuckle.

Well put coach, to which I can only say, “Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!”

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