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February 27, 2013

Cheers to the nursing staff in the OBGYN section of Lake Granbury Medical Center, especially Tracie and Kurstin. My stay there was wonderful.

Stop breeding pitbulls. Life of a PB in one sentence: Get a puppy for guarding house, put in backyard, no socializing, no training, gets larger (hmmm) can’t control him/her or bites someone, give away to anyone or gets dumped, new owner brings to AC to be euthanized. Life of 99% of these dogs if not bait or fighting dogs.

Tipping. How much should you tip? The wait staff receive a salary. The tip is for how well they do their job. If you take an hour at breakfast for coffee, the server may have missed serving an expensive meal and your tip should be more than 100%. If your check is $100+ and the service was awful, you should leave a penny to show you didn’t forget.

Jeers to those that oppose the Sequestration, or any other mode of cutting our nation’s out of control spending. How can a cut in a budget RATE OF INCREASE result in immediate layoffs? The agencies would have had to over hire so they could be in such a position. (If the layoffs are even for real!) And I doubt they are real. Just more crying Wolf!

Triple Cheers…I live in Indian Harbor and want to thank our security force and recognize them. Lt. Kenny, Sgt. Willis, Cpl. Hurley, Haden, Trinna, Darrell, Ned, and Troy. Thank each of you for being here when we need you, from a friend and resident.

It’s great that GISD is getting a dedicated drug dog, but why not get one trained for the problems in our schools? Heroin and cocaine are very rare in the schools, but there are more pills bought and sold than at a pharmacy.

When values decline for waterfront properties because of the low lake levels created by the BRA’s over-sell of Brazos River water, then taxes on ALL Hood County property owners will have to rise to make up the difference. If you like higher taxes, do nothing. If you want to stop higher taxes, contact all of your elected representatives now!

Sick of hearing all the poor people who can’t use their docks. And you still pump water for that yard while griping. That is ok? But not for anyone down the line.

If the idiots who put crossing arms at Cresson can’t fix them right why not take them off till they can be fixed right? Or is a stuck motorist going to have to fix them with a sawzall?

Here we go…everybody complaining about the turf. How about being happy that we are finally catching up to the rest of the world with our facilities. Keep complaining about the lake levels and leave football along.

With a known water shortage in our beautiful state AND city, is it really necessary for the city of Granbury to have TWO water features, a stone’s throw from each other, running at all times? Bet the people who pay a water bill to the city would like to have the savings it would bring from turning those off until our water situation improves.

To the waitress complaining about tips…Do you know what T.I.P.S. represents? To Insure Proper Service! It is not something you are entitled to…it’s something you earn. And while I am on this subject, why do I have to pay your salary for your employers, why don’t restaurants have to pay minimum wage like every other business?

Cheers to Pirate boys basketball for a great season! Jeers to whoever decided that freezing cold middle school gym in Waxahachie was a suitable playoff venue. Sad we have to negotiate location with a school that sends less fans than we had cheerleaders!

I am sick of waiters/waitresses/bartenders complaining about tips or their money issues. If you give me bad to no service then you get some to none in tip. And some people just give what they can. If you don’t like it get a better JOB! STOP expecting hand outs just because you chose to be a waitress/waiter/bartender!

So the water front owners of Granbury speak again. Tell us what makes you more special than the thousands of home and business owners on the shores of PK? Floating or fixed docks have no bearing on this issue when it’s dry under both.

No Tolerance rule at schools should be shot down, until all video games w/guns and movies with killing and cartoons be banned. Teachers act like they never were kids, everyone is raised with all of that in their daily lives, but expects it not to come out in a child while at school. Think again! Can you blame them. NO.

So let me get this right. If I believe in gun control I should move? Is that best you can do? Love it or leave it? Sounds like a trip back in time when this country was fighting a war in Viet Nam. I am thankful for the anti war protesters that had an impact in ending that terrible war. USMC 69-70

When I was young, my dad always pointed out the difference in how clean Texas roadsides were compared to other states. Today, this is sadly untrue. Did the state stop maintaining trash pickup on highways and turn it over to community service organizations? If so, they are NOT working out. Our highway trash is a disgrace, at least in Hood County.

Can this president get in front of the camera without have it staged? Today EMTs who had no rhyme or reason to be there for another of his blame games messages. They are not federal employees! Can you image the bill we tax payers have paid for his golf trips as well as Michele and the girls. I have lost all respect for this administration!

Jeers to the woman driving the nice pick-up on 377 west Thursday. Most of the way from Ft. Worth you drove looking in your vanity mirror putting on makeup..driving all over the road. I should have reported time I will. Hope you had time to all your big drink down also!

CHEERS to the local Roller Derby team! They all came out after practice to support a fundraiser for Relay for Life! Thank you!

How much longer must we put up with the dangers on Hwy 377 between Tolar and Granbury? Billions in a rainy day fund in Austin, but no money for TXDOT to widen 377? Come on, lawmakers! Do we have to file a class-action suit? Enough is enough!

Thanks to the man who stopped to help get my son out of his truck after he was rear-ended on Hwy 377 West near the rest stop on a Monday. You got away before you could be properly thanked, but it was very appreciated! My son was very shaken up after his truck flipped and he couldn’t get out. Thank you!

Waiters and Waitresses: If you want a job that pays more than $2.13 per hour, find a job that pays more than $2.13 per hour. Tips are not guaranteed. They are based on service and, I dare say, the economy. Are you really surprised that people won’t pay an additional 18 percent on already-inflated prices in this economy? Get real.

Meander Road is where Cornerstone Christian Academy is located. This is a SCHOOL ZONE. Granbury can’t seem to remember this unless there is law enforcement monitoring. Slow down OUR children attend this school!

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