Sound Off, Sept. 5

September 5, 2012

I work for the County and read too often or have heard on occasion “we pay your wages.” Do you not think the County Employees don’t have to pay taxes, too? I do not know about every person but I know that I work very hard for little pay and still pay my taxes. I deserve a raise as well any other hard working employee of any work place out there.

Stop complaining about elected officials pay wages. If you do not like what you see, then vote next time for the official of your choice. That is why they are called “elected officials” and they are going to get paid what they get paid like it or not. Vote for the one that you believe will do the job you wish for.

Sick of BRA ruining our lake. Call the governor’s office daily. Apparently, he is the only one the BRA has to answer to. Maybe he will appoint a more intelligent board.

Cheers to HCN for having the courage to print the article about the conditions at the jail. My grandson spent a week there several years ago. He told me about a young man who had been there 9 months and had not been able to talk to anyone. We need to remember that some people are actually innocent and have lives to go back to.

Cheers to GMS! What a great start to a new year! Awesome job!

Jeers to the elected officials who feel they should be compensated for working after normal business hours. These positions are Salaried and NOT Hourly jobs. You knew the requirements before running for office. Firefighters and First Responders do this 24/7 without pay. It is part of the job description!

Jeers to West Nile in our county. It has never sprayed, and because it is not in the budget…it never will. You don’t just contract this in the Metroplex, w/ 2 cases and 1 death. With a large population 50+, be more pro-active, before others die.

Jeers to the Head Football Coach who wants to combine the Jr. High/Middle Schools so his teams can be more competitive with neighboring districts. You should go coach in those districts instead of second-guessing GISD Administration and School Board about what is best for students – those children going to school to learn, not play games.

Cheers to the good people who run Granbury Housing. They are a credit to our fine city.

Jeers for taking and giving credit for lowered football ticket rates. GISD does not set those rates. They are set and mandated by the athletic district. This lowering of prices was not a local school district decision. Tell the truth people!

There is a real problem when you take a kindergartner to school, just learning about the “school process” and as the children are reciting the pledge of allegiance, a group of mothers are standing there talking and not showing any respect to the pledge or the flag what so ever. There’s a great example set for our youngest students!

Jeers to the rude GHS secretaries! 2nd day of school and kids are already miserable! Put a pep in your step and a song in your heart please!

Jeers to the High School teacher who required students to get $80 worth of extra supplies for just her class. That is too much for parents to pay!

While we are talking about “Justice for ALL,” let’s talk about the court appointed attorneys for the children whom are in CPS care. There are only a hand full of those attorneys who have even met the kids. And fewer than that have ever seen them in the foster home or know how they are actually doing, without reading CPS or CASA report.

Cheers to Leslie at the downtown post office who is one of the funniest public service people ever. No matter the long hours or long lines she always seems to hustle with happiness. And it’s contagious – whole staff is mostly customer friendly – ever buy a stamp in Fort Worth? Not the same.

Instead of spending all your time and money “investigating” all the whiney drug addicts why don’t you write about the things that are really important to Hood County? Prisons are full of people that are innocent and had a bad lawyer. Just ask ANY of them!

Jeers to GISD. It is not the students’ responsibility to provide dry erase markers, pencils and many other supplies for their teachers.

Cheers to the GHS Band Director! You work miracles with the Youth!

Way to go Mariah for organizing an End of Summer Pool Party, at the City Pool. It goes to show, that with a bit of determination and organization you can accomplish things that are important to you!

Cheers to the Band Students, who took the initiative to make the long standing Pool Party at the City Pool happen!

Granbury has always been a great place to live but with people like the lady in the pickup that insisted on helping me find my car in Wal-Mart parking lot just proves that we have wonderful people living here.

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