Sound Off, Sept. 4

September 4, 2013

Thank you Mark Jackson for putting the students of GISD first.

Jeers to whoever is responsible for the lack of water in Laguna Vista. Three and four times weekly we have no water to take a morning shower or wash dishes. The boil water sign has become a permanent fixture. Make sure the wells are online. The developer and water company need to do something asap!

Cheers and a big thank you to Bojack Blanchard who volunteered to help my husband change a flat tire in the Kroger parking lot. It was over 100 degrees and he refused to take any money. Thanks also to the lady on her post office route who also offered to help and to the young lady that ran after us to tell us that our tire was flat.

Hello Granbury! Yes, we are in a horrendous drought; bet most of you whiners didn’t know that. You’ve been far too busy hoot’en and holler’n and blaming somebody, anybody. Well, go spend your $100K, $400K, whatever on lawyers down in Austin and see how fast the lake fills up, and then how fast You are Shamed for stupidity!

It is Truly Regrettable to read a cowardly attack on a local citizen who not only served his country in uniform for over 30-years, including two combat tours in Vietnam, and continues to “attempt” to serve his community and state; Gratis, by the way! Thank You Granbury and while you’re at it pray for a little rain!

Cheers to the lady in the SUV at Chic-fil-a that paid for my meal. What a surprise and what a great feeling to know kindness and caring still exist, I will pass it on.

Jeers to the 377 east bound reckless driver of a pickup who jumped the median and crossed the west bound 377 side at an east bound angle in front of me to get to Dairy Queen.

Read with interest the statements by Joe Polino. Are his statements true? Hasn’t been proven, only his word! He states a disdain for public office, yet almost every job he has had since retirement has been in the political/public office arena! Mr. Huber and Mr. Stewart are Christian men of truth.

Jeers – here’s your sign! get off your phones, please slow down and stop riding on bumpers. If you don’t care about yourself, have some compassion for someone else. I just had back surgery & I don’t want to go back in the hospital. I am afraid to even ride in the car to my appointments. People pay attention

Can lawyers fill up the lake? Many of your local politicians and lake dwellers believe so. They want to spend upwards to a half $$$ million on legal fees to force the legislative process in Austin to keep Lake Granbury full for their boating pleasure. All along, I thought God had the major hand in nature? Wake Up Granbury People!

Cheers to the Mambrino dad that stopped to give my car a jump start on the first day back to school!

Over a year ago I had property stolen. A statement was written giving the name, where pawned and items pawned. The detective called me one time. Now over a year later I call and he tells me “I have 80 other cases.”

The boaters who litter the sandy shores across from Brookshire’s are nothing but dirty littering pigs. I picked up 3 garbage bags of cans, bottles, paper and diapers.

There have been several comments from folks intent on passing the school bond telling seniors they won’t be affected because their school taxes are frozen. Many tax payers have 2nd homes here not eligible for exemptions and we will be affected regardless of age. A vote for just because it doesn’t affect you, really?

Cheers to MELISSA, who bought my soft drink last week at Tommy’s! You made my day and I plan to pay it forward! Thank you for your sweet smile and positive attitude. Made this girl happy!

Having their taxes frozen doesn’t mean that seniors are not impacted by taxes and bonds on their fixed incomes. My tax rate is frozen but the $4,000 lot that my home sets on when purchased in 1985 is now valued at $94,000 and my fixed income has not increased by the same percentage. It does not hurt to say, “No” when necessary.

Just curious what the BRA thinks they are going to be the authority over after they sell all the water and the river dries up…the Brazos Former River Authority? The Gulch Authority? The Dirt, Weeds, and Tree Stump Authority?

Jeers to all the young adults who drink (Alcoholic beverages) and smoke at the baseball field while there are children running around playing. This is a family environment save it for later, pouring it in a Styrofoam cup doesn’t make it ok either!

Jeers to members of the GEF seeking out unsuspecting shoppers to talk about the bond election.

Jeers to gisd football coaches putting kids on varsity then knocking them down to jv after the parents buy reserved seating to watch their kids.

Somervell Co. lost $380 million of taxable evaluation due to the devaluation of Comanche Peak Power Plant. Comanche Peak devalued. Luminant filing bankruptcy. BRA needs more water to sell. Come on, Hood Co. officials, wake up! Expansion of Comanche Peak does not sound promising. Let’s keep our lake instead!

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