Sound Off, Sept. 26

September 26, 2012

What a shame that 3 Parrots Taco Shop closed. It was a great place to eat and socialize, and it provided local jobs. What is it about some Granbury business centers that can’t seem to hold on to restaurants and other businesses in spite of customers, good service and good food?

Granbury Band Boosters: I have more than two kids to send on the band trip in the spring and you keep asking for more and more money. Where is all the money going? Why are three tax ID numbers really needed? Isn’t the Boosters supposed to help out the kids in the program? Parents have questions, but there are no answers!

We have a president and Secretary of State who denied the terrorist attack that killed four Americans and took them a week to finally admit. Now wants to give billions to our enemies, which has to borrowed from China!

Is it any wonder that the Republican Party has such a hard time getting the support of the Hispanic community when they create organizations like ‘GOPisforme.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

A BIG YES to B. J. Wallace on his article in the HCN on Sept. 22. He is absolutely right and I am proud that an adult finally was able to say something like this. Now, let’s see how many other “adults” in the school system back him up and show that they really are there for the kids!

Cheers to whoever turned in our Redbox movies we left in a shopping cart! Thank you!

BRA released 458 cu/ft per sec on 8/3,8/4,8/5/2012. This was approximately 290 million gallons per day. Where did it go? What was its use? Who received it? Why was it all pulled from Granbury Lake? Based on size, a one foot draw from PK would allow us to use the lake again. Why can’t we have it?

Huge cheers to great decisions by our fantastic new superintendent, Dr. Largent, and our new principal, Mrs. Goode. Seems like the entire district is taking in a nice big breath of fresh air.

Feeling sad that lake levels down? Just drive around town and look at all the people and businesses overwatering their lawns 2 or three times a week. Wasting water is why lake levels are down.

Cheers to Mr. Wood at Tolar high school for being the best principal ever. He is such an inspiration.

I take issue with the rosy picture painted by GISD leaders. My child was telling me last week – again – about educators at GHS who are poor excuses for teachers, and one teacher whose habit of screaming at students has sometimes caused other teachers to go into the hallway wondering what the heck was going on. Stop putting perfume on a pig.

CHEERS to Coach Todd, the founder and head coach of the Granbury Pumas soccer club. You are truly an inspiration to these boys you coach. We appreciate all the time and dedication you put into helping our children not only better soccer players, but also young men. Thank you!

Cheers to Dr. Largent who is out and about visiting our schools. Thank you for taking the time to visit our children. What a breath of fresh air!

Does anyone else besides the residents in Water’s Edge have a problem with city taxpayers paying for a private attorney to represent them in a civil court? Guess I’m the only one.

CHEERS to the Granbury community and all who were involved in putting on the Dana celebration! Great example of what a hometown celebration should be.

A big CHEERS to the Granbury High School band and to another outstanding halftime performance! My family loves watching the show.

Cheers for all the Dana Vollmer celebrations! What a great hometown hero! Cheers to Granbury for honoring her so well!

Jeers to all the shooting on the Square. It upsets older people and scares babies.

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