Sound Off, Sept. 18

September 18, 2013

What were they thinking when they put the chip seal on 51? Was is really necessary to obliterate the highway? You can’t comfortably ride in your car, or on a bike.

$1,000,000 insurance for cops? Don’t burden the taxpayer with this. Just tack another “surcharge” on the crooks that get arrested.

Cheers to GHS Cheer Coach Tonya Johnson! What a treat to watch the girls at the football games!

Good job band! The fight song to start the second half of the varsity game was great!

Jeers to Bob Blessing and Kathy Davis for suggesting that all county employees should punch out and in on the time clock for their lunch breaks. This could end up costing the taxpayers more money if the employees decided to take shorter lunch breaks. And why would the county be liable for anybody having a wreck in a personal vehicle?

Way to go Mambrino PTO on a really great time at the Back to School pool party at the City Pool!

Jeers for leaving trees staked for 2 years at the 51 welcome sign.

Blessings on Crystal Marr and Patty Carey of Mission Granbury!

HC Animal Control is now clean and sanitized; a vet makes a weekly visit to examine and treat each dog and cat; staff and volunteers are caring and diligent.

Cheers to Corporal Brook DeZavala with Hood County Sheriffs Dept. Thank you for helping two stranded senior ladies with a flat tire in the hot Texas sun.

Thank you John Firm and 20+1 arena cross racing for a wonderful season! We are so glad we got to race on our home turf.

While I can certainly understand the need for yet another fountain in Shanley Park, I have a suggestion for the Beautification Committee. Near the old Power Plant behind the Post Office are historical homes that were brought to that location for restoration. They’re just sitting there rotting away. Why not work to preserve those homes?

Jeers to the driver who cut right through the middle of the funeral procession honoring a 22 year veteran of the US Army.

To the poor misguided soul still living in the past regarding the political sign supporters seen on 377. If what happened during Bush’s term irritated you so much, then why aren’t you out there NOW with the patriots against Obama?

A funeral procession should be respected by slowing down your vehicle to let it pass, not by stopping traffic on both sides of the road. Other states do not impede traffic in this way. The loved ones hold their respect in their hearts, not on a public road.

If you aren’t interested in funding education, then what good are you to a community? Better schools means better citizens, which translates to a better future for Granbury.

A Constitutional amendment for aircraft parts? Can you imagine what the Texas Constitution would look like if our out of control legislators were in session full time?

Football teams should take a knee when an opponent is down on the field.

Cheers to GISD leaders for the vision and hope for our students that the proposed bond will provide. Let’s work together and support our elected school board, our teachers, and students to provide our students the equipment, technology and functional improvements they deserve.

Cheers to Stonewater Church Youth Elevate Group of volunteers, awesome pastors, a rocking band and great students who come on Wednesday nights to hear the good news of Jesus Christ!

Cheers to the kind soul that returned our movies after we forgot them in the buggy. They could have easily kept them and stuck the $90 bill to us.

Cheers to Good Samaritan who found my billfold in ladies restroom at McDonald’s. You returned it with cash and credit cards enclosed. You made our vacation a happy one.

Wouldn’t NOW be a good time to construct a second bridge on the 144 side of Granbury since the lake is SO low? I’m sure that at some point TxDOT did a study on building one to complete the loop?

So since I hunt I am some kind of dumb redneck! If people don’t hunt animals they overpopulate and starve to death and that’s a fact.

Jeers to all the cry babies of Hood County. Every week all I read is “Jeers, Jeers, Jeers.” What has happened to kindness, love, and goodwill?

It’s about time those in the sheriff’s department get Raises.

Jeers to the county for allowing early voting on the school bond at school events. Way to stack the deck to waste more money. Does anybody realize how much 85 million dollars is? That is about $1700 for every man, women and child in the county.

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