Sound Off, Sept. 12

September 12, 2012

Jeers to Hood County News. I know using the wording “sparsely populated” in explaining the gas processing explosion somehow diminishes the impact on the surrounding populous. Let me assure you, if you’re one of the “unlucky” residents that live around this, you don’t feel any less impacted with your assessment of the area and its residents!

JEERS to the people that DID not pull over for the funeral precession on 144 and 377. Not only did they not pull over, they honked for the cars that did. My family and one other vehicle pulled over and stayed pulled over through the entire precession.

I hope those seawall owners don’t expect to win a suit against a business in this county. And the 2nd Court of Appeals won’t be of much help either.

As all students must adhere to the dress code that should be the same for teachers. At this past Thursday night’s varsity football game it was witnessed by several parents and staff that some directors were definitely not in dress code.

Spending more time, energy and money on the Opera House is akin to “buying oats for a dead horse.” Let those who love and benefit from her existence pay the bills not the Taxpayers. We don’t care about spending our tax dollars on her anymore.

Jeers to the DNC convention and this administration. Taking God out of their platform and then the phoneyed up forced vote (some really unhappy Democrats I’m sure), then all the boos when the guy said it passed.

Jeers to GHS Varsity Football Home Spectators. Where is your spirit? If you just want to socialize and chat do it somewhere else. The boys work hard and deserve cheers, applause and rally chants. It is shameful how many people are oblivious to the situations of the game. Athletes feed off the energy of their FANS. Let’s back our PIRATES!

A big WHOOP to Coach Carey Swain and the Tolar Junior Rattlers football team! Thanks for making it fun, Coach Carey, and teaching our children respect, dignity, hard work and morals while you volunteer your time! We appreciate you and all of the Junior coaches! You make us proud to be Rattlers! Keep up the great job you’re doing!

Cheers to Gail Woods! As the secretary at Cornerstone she keeps everything running smooth … all with a small on her face! We love you Mrs. Gail!

Granbury Middle School has always had a bad reputation in the community. Mrs. Pat Yelverton has changed that. This year is such an improvement. The students love coming to school because they feel welcomed and safe, and the teachers make the learning fun and relevant. Mrs. Yelverton and her staff rock!

Cheers to Roger Deeds and the law enforcement community for finding my girlfriend’s daughter who became mixed up with the wrong crowd, she is safe now. Unbelievable how fast and efficient of a job they did.

Jeers to the two councilmen … Hulett and Pirkle who voted AGAINST hiring an attorney to protect OUR LAKE! We should remember this in the next election!

Cheers to Councilmen Tyra, Allen and Parsons for voting for hiring an attorney so we can now move forward to protecting Lake Granbury!

Jeers to the mom that comes into school dressed inappropriately. You really need to keep things covered up.

Jeers – enough about the football sophomores already, we get it, there are plenty of juniors and seniors who deserve recognition, the sophomores have two more years to go, give the rest something to remember!

Jeers to City Officials screaming and slamming doors at the City Hall! It could be heard all over the first floor. More shameful behavior.

Jeers to busting Pugh’s chops for doing his job and making suggestions on how Granbury can improve its losing football reputation, combining the two MIDDLE schools, not junior highs, is the only viable option aside from trying to recruit families with talented players.

To the lady driving an SUV thru Acton southbound in the curve in front of the cemetery Wednesday the 5th of Sept. Stop texting and drive. You nearly hit me head on.

Jeers to the article in the paper about local attorneys not doing their job.

Jeers to people who jeer GISD teachers for asking their students for school supplies. They know not of what they speak. Due to drastic cuts in school budgets, schools cannot afford adequate school supplies. Most teachers buy what they can and, as a last resort, turn to students. Teacher are heroes. Jeers to the Legislature. Vote them out!

Jeers to the impatient woman at a medical testing facility who threw a fit when she had to wait her turn. She claimed she had an 8:30 appointment, but I arrived at 8:38 and she wasn’t there yet. If you’re going to be such a stickler about appointment times, try showing up on time instead of making a fool of yourself by berating nurses.

Jeers to some Granbury Churches. Are you entertainment venues or houses of worship?

There are too many fires in Arrowhead Shores.

The everyday hard working American can’t afford to run for and hold political office because of financial strain that it would cause them and their families. I do not have a problem with reasonable compensation for elected public officials however I do think that there should be term limits to keep the “good ol boy” politics to a minimum.

Jeers to the officer who blew through the barricaded road with no lights or sirens. Thank God the tractor operator had good peripheral vision or we would be short another law enforcement car.

So the city council gets to vote itself a pay raise. How nice. I’d like to vote myself a pay raise too. Is THAT why you run for office – to live on our hard earned wages? I’m forced to send the IRS, state and county enough taxes. The city gets plenty to go around already. Cut the number of people on the tax payers’ payroll if you want more $$.

It would be informative for taxpayers to know how much GISD is spending on administration. What are the salaries of the superintendent, asst. superintendent, executive directors, directors, coordinators, principals and asst. principals? I’d like to know where my taxes are going as far as administrative salaries.

How is subtracting half of your student athletes beneficial to developing a better athletic program?

Increase county taxes for a YMCA and we still have to buy a membership to use it! Vote no on this one.

Jeers to the County Officials who want to raise taxes for a Rec Center. Why should I have to pay more taxes so kids can have a new pool to hold their swim meets? If it’s that important let the users pay for it.

Jeers to the Hood County News for the recent articles regarding court appointed attorneys. Seems to me that if you don’t want them representing you, don’t get arrested.

Jeers to the Granbury High Coaching Staff. When are you going to learn that if you’re going to be competitive in Texas High School Football, you have to throw the football. The running game is not going to keep up with a team that has a good passing game.

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