Sound Off, Sept. 11

September 11, 2013

No respect shown to our dead. Funeral possession going down Morgan St. and a driver passed everyone stopped and went right on down the road.

Wonder if the person(s) with the signs on 377 calling for Obama’s impeachment for Syria position felt the same when Bush went to war against Iraq while ignoring UN finding of no weapons of mass destruction and when US should have been pursuing bin Laden after 911.

Since when did milk shakes include whipped cream and a cherry on top?

Success in education depends on a student’s motivation. Project based education does not address a student’s lack of passion for a subject or their parent’s failure to create a love of learning in their young child. The best cure for poor motivation is great teachers not new curriculum.

Is your life so miserable and you so uptight that if you see some “young men” having fun they “are obviously intoxicated”? I highly doubt those “young men” having fun playing Disc Golf were intoxicated at all!

I’m just wondering why the HCN editors didn’t put the picture of the wrecked 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier on page two on the front page and use the headline “Man Distracted Rear-ends Pick-up” right next to the front page article entitled “Man Stumbles Shoots Foot.” Same thing; both accidents; but, if it involves a gun; it gets front page! Biased news?

“Back To The Future” of sweetheart deals for friends. What an unbelievable campaign slogan. Hopefully the citizens of Granbury have memories of $1M parking lot purchases (now worth 250k), boat dock rentals, city council and mayoral pay and total absence from the Lake Granbury issue. Yeah, those were the Good Ole Days!

I’m sitting here at the varsity football game wondering why our band can’t play the fight song when our team runs out for the second half. Every school we play against has a band playing. Our band is at the concession stand.

Jeers to the HCLRA – you are policing the wrong problem with the youth stock show of today. Instead of worrying about who’s preparing the animals for the show, you should be investigating who’s involved in the selling and buying of animals.

Why do we have city ordinances if they aren’t enforced and allow your neighbor to look like you’re living in little Mexico? A business run out of the home with trailers parked in the yard along with many cars and trucks.

Too bad the city of Granbury or the HCNews does not advertise the terrific Dog Park we have! The dog park is located on West Moore street available to both small and large dogs.

No lawyers can’t fill up the lake but they can keep BRA from selling what is left. Why do people refuse to look at the whole picture? We know there is a drought already, but you do not sell what is left of the water when there is a drought.

Jeers to whoever is supposed to fix the water leak on industrial ave.

Jeers To the people that say the new school bond will not cost people over 65. As the cost of doing business goes up every business in Granbury has to raise prices on goods or services. So they do pay.

Went to a business Saturday, never got a hell-o, have a good day or good-bye. Just complete silence.

Jeers to the lack of economic sense by our leaders. A 4 cent County increase, a 3% increase in home value (sure), a 15 cent school bond for a total tax increase over $800. We are still in a depression folks, no raises in my income to cover the tax increase. Losers are the local economy when we cut back our spending to pay tax.

Jeers to law enforcement for not reporting wrecks caused by texting and driving. You don’t mind telling us if it is alcohol related.

I have a jeer for all you gun toting, dove hunting rednecks shooting all around our house. You not only kill many beautiful doves, but you also wound and leave some suffering on the ground. If you want dove meat, raise them in your yard like you do chickens but remember, they are not all yours to kill!

Cheers to Susan May and the Touchdown Club for taking such good care of our Pirates! Looking forward to a winning season and the stadium looks GREAT!

Jeers to the person leaving the puppy in the back of their pickup while they were inside a restaurant. He was so hot and his water was so far down in the bucket that apparently he had attempted to get in the water as his whole head was wet.

Jeers to the ugly personal comments about the Brazos River Authority leadership which add nothing toward solving the problem and reflect poorly on the civility of Hood County residents.

I would rather see the bond monies go towards adding classrooms at every school to decrease class size. Leave the 9th grade separate and just have freshman sports.

Jeers to everyone who thinks everyone in the grocery store wants to see your dog in the buggy where someone’s groceries will set!

Let me get this right… man 63 girl 14 have sex. Age of consent is 18. Rape legally and morally. Man gets probation. Justice?

A big cheer to Granbury Athletics! Football, Volleyball and Tennis. Doing awesome!

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