Sound Off, Oct. 9

October 9, 2013

Jeers to the person that tied a puppy to a street lamp pole in my neighborhood.

Everyone puts signs out but they never come back to pick up. There are graduation signs and it is Sept. Garage sales, auctions, you name it. Looks junky. Start fining.

We are being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Is anyone noticing?

Government shutdown affects emergency drill … Oh No! we are all going to die!

Cheers to Congressman Conaway keep up the good work thanks!

Jeers to the man that left his pick-up running outside of a local pharmacy with an unattended toddler inside.

CHEERS to Cherrie and Sandra of the Hood County Environmental Health department for their courteous, cheerful and “above the call of duty” help! You ladies rock! We couldn’t do our business without you.

Cheers to Lisa Ives! (Tolar’s PE teacher) What a marvelous job she does making sure our kids know about how to be healthy and fit! She is an example every day she rides her bike to school! We love you Mrs. Ives! Thanks for being there for my kiddo!

Cheers to the most amazing kindergarten teachers at Tolar Elementary. The Nursery Rhyme program that they present each year is fantastic. From the costumes, to the songs, to the finished projects hanging in the hallways, amazing.

If you’re in your car and driving, please do all of us a favor and get off your blasted phone! You are NOT the only person on the road. Nothing is that important. If it is, then pull off the road! You are a HUGE hazard to us all!

Will the motor vehicle idling ordinance include getting stuck for up to 20 minutes in Cresson when the trains are blocking traffic in both directions? That’s 4 lanes of cars for up to 1/2 mile each lane for up to 20 minutes at a time.

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