Sound Off, Oct. 31

October 31, 2012

The Hood County Appraisal District should at least buy dinner or give a kiss before they do their thing!

We have a big cheer for our HCN/Ft. Worth Star-Telegram delivery person in Indian Harbor. As per our request, they now throw our papers on our porch, as opposed to way out on the street. Huge help for us and there will be a special something in their Christmas stocking!

There are a group of us friends, 15-17 of us who eat out in Granbury every wed nite, taking turns in selecting a restaurant. The restaurant we decided on recently – well they want $30 to set a table for us ! Unheard of to us. We are always on time. This attitude will never fly in Granbury.

Jeers for not pointing out that the record that the current football team is attempting to tie, three consecutive playoff seasons, is like comparing apples and oranges. Until the 1980’s only 1 team from district made the playoffs, the team that won district. So saying the current team is beating the old records is very skewed to say the least.

Way to Go to The Granbury Pirates winning against Trimble Tech and clinching a playoff spot for the 3rd year in a row let’s get out there and cheer these guys to victory in the playoffs and our 1st playoff win since the 60’s and way to go to are tennis team and volleyball team.

I noticed a few jeers at the HCN stories that are exposing wrongful convictions in the Texas Criminal Justice system and I had to ask myself, why would someone NOT care about sleeping judges, incompetent investigators and “alternative” uses of the justice system.

Cheers to Daniel Arnett for getting 8 solo tackles and 4 assists during the Western Hills game.

To the person complaining about the Loop in town: State Highways are 377, 144 and 51; only the state can do anything to those roads. The County owns the roads outside of the City. The City owns the City Roads.

CHEERS to the happy people of Hood County. Keep Smiling!

CHEERS to Hood Children Charities. You provided Coats, emergency medical care, and anything else the School Nurses know that the children need. You continue to be amazing.

CHEERS to all of the CHURCHES in Hood County for the help and compassion to anyone who comes your way.

CHEERS to the LIONS CLUB for providing eye exams for the children of Hood County. Your club is amazing. It is great to see the faces of children who can see clearly now. God Bless you all and keep up the good work.

Cheers to Oak Woods PTO. Thank you parents for supporting the “Fun Run.” Great time by all.

If people choose to breed a small dog breed i.e. Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Boston terriers, Pomeranians, and Pugs you need to understand there is a high probability of a C-section which can cost thousands.

The church secretary that uses her influence sending out e-mails to try to persuade members to vote “her way” should be fired by the church. This is disgusting how far people will go. I thought we fought the American Revolution to get away from this type of pressure from the church. I will never return to this church again.

Cheers to the Tolar ISD Maintenance Team, especially Kevin for keeping up with all the TISD grounds around the campus. The Campuses look fantastic and the athletic fields are very nicely maintained.

People need to know when they go to a certain restaurant they should make sure the chicken plates are only meat and not bones. We were treated rudely by the owner and were told to come back again.

CHEERS!! To the HOOD COUNTY NEWSPAPER! Ya’ll make a wonderful paper.

Someone made an ignorant remark to some men who were having breakfast locally Friday, Oct. 19. A guest of theirs, a minister from Mexico, did not speak English so they were speaking in Spanish. The person made a rude remark that they should be speaking in English since they were in the U.S. Next time, be sure of your facts.

To the jerk in the new black Corvette. Just because you have a new Vette, does not make you so special that you can park in not just one but crossways across both handicap spots.

Jeers to high utility rates. Why can’t any of our civic leaders come up with a plan and solution?

Cheers to the City of Lipan and the Lipan VFD for their honorable dedications in memory of former town Marshal, Sam Tipton.

Jeers for not maintaining the road on M&M Ranch/377 after receiving all that tax money from the gas people.

Jeers to the restaurant that doesn’t have a liquor license, but allows customers to “bring their own” wine etc. They then charge $5 to remove a cork, or if it’s a “screw cap” they charge for the use of their wine glasses.

Cheers to Mr. Griffith, Engineering teacher at GHS. Mr. Griffith is sponsoring a new organization for students interested science, technology, engineering and math.

Cornerstone Christian Academy on Meander Road is a SCHOOL with a SCHOOL ZONE! Respect it and SLOW DOWN!

A big thanks to George Warren who came out and helped trap and shoot some wild hogs that were tearing my property.

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