Sound Off, Oct. 30

October 30, 2013

CHEERS to the several people that took the time to drive to our garage sale to support and console the little 9 y/o girl that was verbally attacked at another garage sale by the older woman. You all made a difference by showing her that the rudeness of one is not acceptable behavior. God Bless you all.

Drivers need to be reminded – where cars are parked in a parking lot (as opposed to curb parking) the pedestrian has the right of way. Most stores have marked crosswalks, but almost every time I go to any of the larger stores, I see drivers fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians.

I will admit to a great deal of prejudice against President Obama, but it has nothing to do with his race. It has everything to do with the fact that his policies are destroying our country and leading us to a financial crisis that will be passed on down to future generations if he doesn’t bankrupt us first.

Community developers should find a more appropriate tenant for the Granbury Live building as well as a suitable school location. Our historic square must draw visitors to shops, restaurants and entertainment venues which are true to Granbury history & experience.

To the senior citizen sticking up for that person occupying the White House. You are about to get what you deserve.

Cheers to the freshman Pirates and coaches! You guys all played tough and make a great team!

Cheers to the GHS Stowaways for staying. We love watching you dance even if it was with the Tech band.

Texas still 1st in greenhouse gas emissions, reports show that the Lone Star State emitted about two times as much carbon dioxide as any other state. I’m guessing that some credit must go to Senator Ted Cruz and the hot air that comes out of his mouth. Will be happy when he runs for president and we can render him irrelevant.

Commuters please make note of the speed limit posted between Hwy 167 and Cresson – it is now 75 mph. If you are not going to drive at least the speed limit, be courteous and move to the right lane.

JEERS to the jerk(s) who stole a retired man’s deer stands and feeders! He saved a long time to afford these items and now you have stripped him of his retirement joy!

Double Cheers for the B team freshman Pirates football team and their coaches for not giving up and giving it your all. WE are proud of you. You all are amazing individuals.

Jeers! Talking to your neighbor about their barking dog(S) RARELY works. “Dogs bark” was the response I got, so I HAD to resort to using the HOA, Sheriff’s dept, AND animal control!

Bigotry? Racism? Fast & Furious, Bengazi, targeting of conservatives by the IRS, the attempt to shut down certain reporters that uncover the TRUTH about his administration, this Obamacare debacle, so much more … STOP USING THE RACE CARD to cover up this president’s incompetence, lack of leadership & seemingly ill will towards America. Wake up!

Please get your dog spayed or neutered. Enough are being euthanized. There is no excuse not to.

Jeers to the woman that treated me so rudely at the courthouse annex 1 building. How would I know that at noon all the doors were either blocked for voting or locked for lunch except the tax office?

I am so excited about the planned Christmas program that will be happening on Granbury Square, the Opera House reopening, we, the people of Granbury, are so blessed.

If more water is needed in Lake Granbury they are welcome to take the rain water that floods my rental property.

I do like the idea of mowing our yards, fields, and side roads. I have a thought though that after we mow who ever is doing the mowing get off the mower and pick up the trash!

I have been to all of my grandson’s Granbury varsity football games. Why have so many boys on the team who go to the same practices and keep their grades up, if only to be left on the sidelines game after game. The scores have mostly been one sided, so I see no need to play the same players all the time and not give others a chance to play.

It makes no sense that the divided 4 lane highway with turn lanes (144S) was down graded to 60 mph when turning onto a 2 lane undivided highway (2425) is still at 65 mph.

My sound off about being removed from the code alert failed to print what time the 2 calls were in the middle of the night. She went missing at 8:30 am they had all day to call.

Thank you to the kind lady in a parking lot that held an umbrella over my head in the pouring rain so I could load my groceries! I pray you are abundantly blessed for your kindness!

Jeers to the local merchant who chastised another local merchant for not shopping locally in their store. Just possibly they are shopping locally, just not in your store!

Won’t it be great when the local elections are over with next week and the campaign promises are fulfilled, then Lake Granbury will once again be “filled full!”

As wonderful as it sounds to restore the 1937 fire truck (I am sure in time there will be enough funds.) BUT right now keeping Brazos Drive In open with a new projector is far more important to Hood County. If everyone donated $1 and all businesses donated $10, there will be more than enough funds to keep Brazos Drive in alive!

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