Sound Off, Oct. 3

October 3, 2012

If you have the time and energy to get angry enough to send a jeer about G.I.S.D.; then you have time to VOLUNTEER! Get on down in the trenches with us as we pour our hearts, minds, bodies and souls into caring for your children’s daily needs and preparing them for a successful, happy and prosperous life. If nothing else, pray for us all.

We ALL must conserve our Lake Water. Each residential sprinkler system requires 15 gallons/minute. The Comanche Peak Power Plant evaporates 25,970 gallons/minute. Yes, we must all conserve.

Cheers to the City for paving Rucker St. When are we going see the parking lot on the corner of Houston@ Rucker paved?

The President of the U.S. does not desire to give billions of dollars to our enemies. Libya is not our enemy. We provided support to them so they could attempt to establish a democracy in a hostile part of the world. All of the people of Libya were not responsible for the acts of a few zealots.

Why should I pay an annual dock fee and have to mow the grass/weeds under it where there should be water?

Feeling sad that lake level down? Just drive around town, wasting gas, and look at the people and businesses overwatering their lawns, an awful two to three times a week.

Cheers to Coach Pugh, the varsity football players, Coach Johnson and the GHS cheerleaders! Thank you for coming to Brawner for our Football Friday Pep Rally and for spending the day with our students as they enjoyed the football stations. You were awesome! Our students really look up to you so thanks for being such great role models!

Cheers to Jeff Guelker from AMS and the transportation dept of GISD. Thank you for driving the coach of the opposing team to get the food that was waiting for them. GISD then supplied a bus to take the team back after their bus would not start. Good things ARE happening at GISD!

To the person who took my wallet out of my shopping cart. I don’t mind that you kept the cash but please turn in the rest of the things in my wallet. You don’t know what you have put me through.

Jeers to the people in my development who continue to burn their trash and burn tree cuttings on private prop. This horrible smell is in my house and I am having trouble breathing. This last incident has been going on 3 days straight.

It is disheartening to google “recycle in Granbury” to discover the words “plastic – not at this time,” “glass – not at this time,” pasteboard – “only at designated boxes at the Hood County News.” This information is under the heading “Granbury Green.” Um … that would be no. Granbury is sadly lacking in this area.

Shame on you ever who dumped 5 kittens at my gate on Wolfhollow Ct. You need to have your cats fixed so they won’t have kittens you don’t want. You can also take them to the animal control the same as I.

Cheers to Hood County residents for all of your donations to Acton United Methodist Church garage sale ministry. Keep the donations coming!

Jeers to the cities for banning smoking in city and restaurants and bars because it is a health issue. I think you’re going in the wrong direction. You should also ban serving alcohol beverages because that is a life issue when people leave and drive home. DWI arrests would decrease and deaths on highways would decrease.

Cheers to the kind woman in a pharmacy drive through. Thank you for your kind act of helping me out on Thursday, Sept. 20 around 9 p.m. with my granddaughter. I appreciate all you did for us.

Big thank you to Diane Fullerton, principal at Crossland Ninth Grade Center. After less than two weeks of enrollment, my son was involved in an accident that caused him to be CareFlited to Fort Worth Trauma ICU with a fractured skull. Mrs. Fullerton drove with cards and food for the family several times to see Dustin. She kept in constant contact throughout his recovery. Caring about our future generation is what teaching should be. Cheers to Mrs. Fullerton from the entire family of Dustin Harris.

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