Sound Off, Oct. 24

October 24, 2012

Come on City of Granbury! Oct. 18 and Christmas decorations are already on East Pearl Street. We still have Halloween!

Teachers, please keep your political opinions to yourself unless asked. Educate your students on the subject you are teaching … that is what you are paid for. Kids don’t need to hear your unsolicited political beliefs, especially when certain statements made have been dead wrong.

One of the best kept secrets in the county is the location of the Republican party office! It’s hard to get your lawn signs and bumper stickers if you can’t find the office. FYI – the office is at 201 E. Pearl St. – that’s the southeast corner of the square in the building that was the First Methodist Church. They’re way in the back!

I am a lot more concerned about West Nile virus in Hood County than I am about a sleeping judge in a 10-year-old court case. If I wanted a National Enquirer for my local newspaper, I would buy one. But I want a source of local news and that is what I thought I was getting when I subscribed to the Hood County News … guess I was the one sleeping!

GISD is a joke … All campuses! Why do they have the Skyward Family Access if they don’t keep grades and etc updated. Also why are we given access to teachers emails when it is a waste of time to email in the first place because 75% of Teachers don’t email you back?!

Jeers to the two heartless boys who kill the geese, ducks, squirrels. Sunday morning I heard the geese honking overhead, then immediately 3 loud gun shots. Leave nature alone, hope you find compassion in your heart someday.

Cheers to incorporated City of Granbury for providing recycling services for its citizens. Jeers to the utility department, city management and council for not promoting the service and for not even telling new residents or helping them access the service. Jeers also to residents who do know about the service but do not participate.

What’s up with Amtrak holding up traffic in Cresson the last few afternoons? It holds up traffic for about 10 minutes and off it goes. The passenger cars are full of people too. New Route? Hmmmm…..?

What a beautiful day to be on the lake! Wait … we can’t get our boat out of our dock because the lake is over 4 feet low. Thanks, Brazos River Authority, for ruining another fall season of boating and fishing.

Why can’t the HCN investigate something like “Why won’t TXDOT take care of the highways in Hood County?” A couple years back they paved the highways supposedly to fix them. They are much worse than before they were paved.

Are you kidding me? You continue to show that you don’t care about Hood County anymore. Another story about Routier case on the front page while information about a $7.2 million bond election for Tolar ISD was buried inside. You have completely forgotten who your readers are. We want HOOD COUNTY news.

Jeers to the natural gas processing plant that has made our community sound levels unbearable! They have any explosion and we have to put up with listening to diesel engines due to them taking off the noise insulating walls. This isn’t right, the county needs to get involved. They voted for this, now they can deal with it!

Cheers to Shan English for bringing and planning the very first Texas Fireworks convention in Granbury. You brought in tax dollars to Hood County as well as a free fireworks show for the whole community.

A GREAT BIG CHEERS to the teachers and staff at AES! The picnic was FUN! Thank YOU for taking time to make a great evening for all the families at AES! You guys ROCK!

If they can afford an overpass for the new loop in town that only a few people will ever use, why not put one in Cresson where everybody would use it.

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