Sound Off, Oct. 23

October 23, 2013

Cheers to the Freshman Pirates and their coaches! Way to play!

If the sound-off last week wasn’t someone’s joke concerning the news alert about the missing 15 yr old NOT being of consequence to them and wanting to be removed from the system, then he or she must be a me, me, me entitled-feeling person and doesn’t see much beyond their own nose. A missing child (even a 15 yr old), is no joke to those parents.

The GHS football concessions need twice as many workers. Cheers to the volunteers they do have though, they stay swamped.

The amount of bigotry and racism shown this President since his election came as a surprise and a shock to me, as I had up to that time thought us a better people. As a native Texan, senior citizen, I am sorry to say it is clear that we are not!

Thank you to the MCJROTC cadets who unload two pallets of water for my husband and I. Usually this take an hour or so but with all you guys helping, the job was done in less than 10 mins and we APPRECIATE it!

Cheers to Jimmy Dawson for his outstanding leadership. The students, families, and staff of Acton Middle School are so blessed to have you at the helm! Thank you for all the talent, hard work, courage, and kindness that you contribute to our community.


Thank you Ted Cruz for standing strong and trying to protect the Constitution from the socialist wing of the Democrat party.

Cheers once again to the Appraisal District. With their magic formulas and psychic powers they have been able to raise the value of all Hood County properties and thus generate plenty of tax dollars to be wasted by our local government.

Cheers to the BRA for bringing us the recent rains – may we please have some more?

Wendy Davis should make an excellent Texas governor. She defends and supports Texans regardless of race, gender, nationality, color, age, religion, or sexuality.

Oh my! Riding in a pick-up and looking to the right: A girl had a cell in her right hand, messing w/her hair with left hand. How was she steering on 377? WITH HER KNEE which she had propped up on the seat. The absolute truth! FYI, there was bumper to bumper traffic at the time.

When I read a jeers about a puppy tied to a telephone pole, or a baby left in a running vehicle, or a neighbor’s barking dog, I always wonder why the submitter doesn’t call animal control, the police/sheriff’s dept. , or the Property Owners’ Association. Talk with the neighbor directly first. It usually works. Putting it in sound off doesn’t help.

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