Sound Off, Oct. 17

October 17, 2012

Cheers to all who helped with Brawner Hispanic Parent Night!

It’s interesting that bullying is getting so much attention these days. The middle schools in Granbury have been getting complaints for years. Their response was, if a teacher or principal didn’t see it or it wasn’t on film, then it didn’t happen.

I just read 10/10’s sound off. I’m disappointed. I saw jeers about Granbury’s lack of support for Tolar’s Fallen Soldier – I work at a GRANBURY motel and we lowered our flags to half mast for him AND The Combat Vets who were on an unrelated visit, saw my FRONT PAGE HOOD CO. NEW ARTICLES on the desk and went to Wiley’s to pay respect & rode the ride!

Cheers to Holly at the YMCA for taking a large group of kids to their first ever Kid’s Triathlon in Arlington. They all had fun!

Yay! Welcome newlyweds Jack and Jacci Southern to S. Travis St.! We are so happy to have such a great couple live amongst us! Also cannot wait a few years down the road, for little Southern feet to run up and down the sidewalks of S. Travis St. Welcome! Welcome!

Certainly there are people wrongfully incarcerated in our Texas prison system. Routier is not one of them. Your resources would be better spent with other cases. Of course those don’t make for sensational headlines.

Jeers to a man who pulled boats off sand bars and charged two separate boat owners $800 each to pull their boats off the same hidden sand bar. It took him 1 hour for each boat.

Jeers to people who still stake and tie trees … all over the county you can see the damage done.

Jeers to the anti-choice protesters on the square. Why don’t you mind your own business and keep your noses out of others. Shame on you for trying to force your views on others, especially visitors that might want to enjoy the square and shopping in peace. Isn’t the courthouse area a government zone safe from your harassment?

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