Sound Off, Oct. 16

October 16, 2013

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the lake level fluctuating up, at night, then back down by early morning? Also, anybody living down on the river notice this? It sure isn’t staying above the dam.

Jeers to the fans in the stands at the Tolar football games! It’s very sad that hardly even one person will stand up and cheer with the cheerleaders or even when the football players try to get them into the game.

Republicans and Democrats were made for each other as much as Adam and Eve.

Cheers to cashier Candice T. who really helped me out with my vender coupon on Oct. 6. You made my day after I rushed in. You really displayed Customer Service at its best.

So called tea party affiliates seem to be hiding out. Get out of the way of the will of the people. Law is law. Ironic that their failure to play by the rules and pass a budget will only weaken the Republican Party and probably give Democrats huge gains by 2018.

I will remove my number from the code alert system. That is a misuse of the system for a missing 15 year old. That was not an emergency. Call me for a tornado not for something that is not important to most.

Cheers to the law enforcement officers of Hood County! We love you and appreciate everything you do! We are sorry you are underpaid, under appreciated, keep up the good work!

I drive 144, a divided highway, at limit of 60 mph. I turn left onto 2425, a single lane, residential, and limit is 65 mph! Why? Also why must drivers stay in left lane (when right lane is clear) all the way from Contrary Creek to 2425 light? Left lane should be for passing only.

My sincere appreciation and thanks to the nice couple behind me in line. They paid $15.08 for my groceries when my Visa gift card wouldn’t work.

Cheers to everyone that has showed love and support to my mom, Georgetta Hudson, after her house caught on fire!

Cheers to Elizabeth! This little girl touched my heart! While waiting in line at a store, I commented on how cute she looked. Her dad said, she had just cut her hair short. I told her it looked very cute and ask why she cut it. That’s when she told me, “to give it to a child who has lost their hair because of cancer.” Thinking of others.

Isn’t there anything that can be done about the people standing on the stairs at the football games? The fans sitting in the seats would like to see the game just as much as you but either you are oblivious to that fact or just don’t care because it’s the same people at every home game. Bottom line – if you buy a ticket find a place to sit!

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