Sound Off, Oct. 10

October 10, 2012

I buy the Hood County News for HOOD COUNTY news! Why was the Hood County Woman of the Year on page 16 and the story about a crime committed somewhere else a long time ago on the front page?

As a Tolar resident, Patriot Guard Rider, and Veteran, I would like to personally thank the thousands who lined the highway in Hood County from Tolar to Cresson to pay respect and Honor to SFC Riley Stephens as the Patriot Guard, family, and friends escorted him 75 miles to his final place of honor at the D/FW National Cemetery.

Shame on you HCNews! There was not an editorial in Saturday’s paper about the ultimate sacrifice Sgt. 1st Class Riley Stephens paid for this country. You are quick to point blame and attack people on the editorial page, but can only write about the Farmer’s Almanac when one of our own has fallen.

Cheers to Mary Vinson and Jeff Meador for all their tireless photographic efforts they do for the school district!

Darlie Routier isn’t from Hood County, so why are you covering her case in The Hood County News? I value HCN because it gives me news from MY community. Stop wasting trees on that trash.

Jeers to my neighbor who mows her yard but leaves the weeds on the side of her driveway that is right next to the lot line 3 feet high.

Over the last 10 years, the BRA has ruined the lake opportunities for Hood County and its residents. They must be held accountable for their incompetence.

This here chears and jears look like hillbillys done wrote it. don’t like it one bit caus folks be thinking rednecks live in Granbury when it ain’t true no how no way.

Cheers to Granbury ISD for bringing Rachel’s Challenge to our community! This can transform our community if we accept Rachel’s Challenge!. I challenge you, HOOD COUNTY NEWS, to lead the way and start your own chain reaction of kindness in place of Sound Off. One link for each positive comment we send you. Connect your chain all the way to GHS!

LOOK IT UP HCnews your front page article about the Flood Plain (FEMA/Federal Emergency Management Agency) repeatedly refers to Flood Plane. This bit of regulation was enacted in 1978 by the Carter Admin. Not Plane, thought someone would have caught spelling error in last SoundOff.

Jeers to the few Granbury Middle School parents who park in the drop off lanes during drop off/pick up times and make the congestion there far worse than it has to be. School admin has asked many times that nobody park in the drop off/pick up lanes AND they are also fire lanes.

We should honor our local hero Sgt 1st Class Riley Stephens in an appropriate manner. I am sad that Granbury has not showed more gratitude towards him for giving his life to protect us. Thank you Riley for all that you did.

Another one bites the dust! Farewell to Rio Brazos Music Hall. We will miss your good music and great food. What is it about this community that we can’t keep good entertainment venues and food establishments?

Jeers Granbury! Where are the signs and banners thanking Riley Stephens for his service? We can do it for another hometown girl that wins medals (which is great) but what Riley did was AWESOME AND SELFLESS.

I am so incredibly proud of the citizens of Tolar who have pulled together to support the Stephens family and honor the memory of our local hero, Riley Stephens! With a true spirit of love and friendship, everyone has drawn together to do whatever needed to be done. What an honor to be able to say that I AM FROM TOLAR! Thank you to everyone!

For the person who wants to recycle in Granbury. You can do so at the Hood County Citizens Collection Station at 244 Bray Street. Their website is: and phone number is 817-579-3288. Go there every 2 weeks. Friendly folks – and a great opportunity to help the environment.

Cheers to the City for bringing Shanna Smith-Snyder on board. If this area wants to grow with the times, they need someone younger to help with tourism.

Cheers to the administration at Tolar High School! Especially to Mr. Wood for being an amazing principal. As a parent of a Tolar student it is comforting to know that my child is in such capable hands.

Cheers to our security in Indian Harbor. We have a talented and fair unit working for us, and they added a retired deputy who has our best interest and safety in mind. Thanks guys and gals.

Prayers for Granbury’s Teresa Campbell, CareFlite Nurse and the rest of the crew injured in a helicopter accident. Teresa is one fine Nurse!

Cheers to Charlie McIlvain; it’s about time people recognized that Age Discrimination is being done in Hood County as well as the Metroplex. Hope you win the lawsuit.

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