Sound Off, Nov. 7

November 7, 2012

Cheers to the person reminding everyone on Meander to comply w/School Zone speed limit at Cornerstone School. Parents exiting the school are also required to compliant with the law both speed and cell phone. Many are not and are noted.

Saturday morning about 9 my fiance and I went to a restaurant. It was very busy and a nice man sitting alone allowed us to sit with him. We began talking and he found out we are getting married in 1 week, so out of his own kindness, he paid for our breakfast. I just want to say your act of kindness will not go unnoticed. Thank you so very much.

Brazos River Authority Board members should be ashamed of what they have done to our beautiful Lake Granbury. These folks couldn’t manage a popcorn stand but somehow they control the future of our lake.

Brawner, PLEASE change your sign in front of the school! It says the same thing it did last year. Surely you can think of something else to say.

I want to give cheers out to the Tolar High School football coaches. They are always so positive towards their playoffs and they love each and every one of their players like they were their sons. Coach Franklin, Coach Caruthers, Coach Moody, Coach LeFevre, Coach Holcomb, Coach Miller and Coach Wilkins. I give them cheers for their hard work.

Cheers to the wonderful faculty and staff of Brawner Intermediate! You are truly a family and you never fail to come together to take care of one of your own. I am honored and blessed to be a part of the Brawner Family!

Just compared my electricity rate in Granbury to a TXU account I have in Stephenville. Granbury’s cost per kwh is 45% higher. That is ridiculous.

Cheers to the City of Granbury for the beautiful Christmas display they provide every year. The set up of these displays throughout the city and especially city hall and surrounding area cannot be done in just a few days or even a week. City employees have to start early in order to be done in time for the holidays for all to enjoy! Good job!

Cheers, To the nice person from Lipan that paid for my lunch at a drive through on Thursday, Nov. 1 and passed on the message for me to have a Blessed day. Just to let you know, your kindness made it a Blessed Day.

The Extremely LOUD music? being played up on Comanche Peak, sometimes all day and into the night, might be okay…if there was a little talent involved in it.

Need traffic alerts on website.

Cheers to drivers who slow down and pay attention while driving in school zones. Jeers to those drivers who are speeding, rolling through stop signs, texting and talking on cell phones in school zones. There is nothing so important that we should risk the safety of our children. SLOW DOWN!

Jeers to Martin Castillo and all others involved in the early morning arraignment and release of a county employee’s daughter on July 7, 2012. What was done was definitely special treatment and should be punished. This should not be allowed to go on and I hope something is done about this.

Thanks to the very nice and helpful ladies at the Republican Headquarters in Granbury…they also called when more signs became available. Thank you for all your hard work!

Surprise! The president did take time go into the situation room to talk about the storm dangers rather than fly off to party with his celebrity supporters out west! Too bad he still cannot come up with the truth about the Libya murders!

Cheers to Hood County for having early voting on Saturday 27th. Had one voter in line ahead of us it was great thanks Hood County.

Big cheers to the young lady who stopped to check on me as I sat on the rear bumper of my truck Tuesday morning, I was having trouble breathing and was close too passing out. She stayed with me until I began to feel better.

Cheers to HGMA for a wonderful Harvest Moon festival!

Cheers to the check out desk at the Hood County Library! Great people skills and I always feel welcome!

CHEERS To the GHS floral class. They made Homecoming Mums for all the Special Needs classes. They were so proud to wear them. What a nice gesture.

Congratulations Miss Phoebe Wallace you are an amazing person, the way you handle yourself is a lesson to all. Your dedication to the band is beyond words. You once said integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking, you are a true example, the center podium holds your heart and won’t be the same when you graduate.

Jeers to some people…we put on a FREE carnival for kids, workers, volunteer their hard work and time and then one of them has their phone stolen…shameful!

A big cheer and thank you to the lady at the Post Office that helped me repack 2 boxes I was sending to my kids and saving me almost $10 in the process! Plus they arrived in 2 days!

Jeers – Hood County Commissioners Court. Why would you approve the building of an animal control facility before you approve a budget to update Sheriff Dept. equipment and salaries. Are you telling us you believe animals are more important then Deputies, and the safety of Hood County!

We have all kinds of fun to offer in addition to the lake – & lately some wonderful new eating places – please support your town by trying them. Support the old favorites and try the new – let folks know to go!

Jeers to an organization that’s bad with communication when things are asked and slow in refunds when they were the ones that cancelled the event that caused a refund to be needed.

Cheers to all the merchants that participated in the Bow Wow Trick or Treat, it was greatly appreciated by all the wonderful doggies, you also helped raise funds for a great organization. I for one remember who participated and will make it a point to pay it back. Thanks so much everyone who made a great afternoon for us dog mommies.

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