Sound Off, Nov. 6

November 6, 2013

Jeers to the jerk at the church garage sale taking peoples wallets, I hope you bought a child diapers with my money because that’s what I was going to do.

Jeers to GISD for once again failing to give hourly employees an increase in pay for enough to cover the rising cost of their health insurance. These individuals work hard to provide clean and safe facilities for all students. The increases this year is a insult to these dedicated employees.

I can’t wait until Ted Cruz runs for president so we can elect him and make the democrats irrelevant!

Cheers to our Granbury High School football fans. In spite of a lopsided loss we stayed all night supporting our kids. Congratulations to Aledo, apparently they are the real deal.

Note to varsity coaches … you might want to have a few tackling drills at practice.

Cheers to Steve Berry and the guys from park maintenance. You did a great job of freeing the trees on 51 north. They look beautiful!

Big thank you to Tori, a cashier. She was very kind and such a pleasant to be around. Thank you again.

Jeers to the pedestrians that never look before walking in front of cars. They just expect the drivers to be fully aware.

A big cheer for Bob, who tried too help me change the tire on my truck and when he could not get one of the lug nuts off he called a tire repair service who came out and repaired my tire on the spot, and when I started too pay for the service I found out that Bob had already paid for it before he left. Thank you.

This is for the person who complained about Texas and our greenhouse gas production. I have a suggestion for you take I-20 and don’t stop until you hit the California border. I do not think you will be happy here in God’s country. And by the way Ted Cruz is a Hero and would make a great President at least he is not a communist and fears GOD.

JEERS to the State of Texas for not expanding medicaid, providing subsidies or tax credits to help the poor get health insurance. I’m sure you were just trying to make sure the Affordable Care Act did not apply to the poor or to get back at the Democrats.

I wish people would use the term Public Servant in the proper terms. A public servant is an elected or appointed holder of a public office. A peace officer is not a public servant. He is hired to do a job not elected or appointed to a public office.

Cheers to GHS band directors for making the right, albeit difficult, decision to rest the band prior to the 6 a.m. report time for Area UIL marching competition. The extra hour of sleep afforded by leaving after halftime of the prior Friday night’s game was smart and appreciated. We hear some kids even “camped” near the school to get extra winks!

Cheers to the two ladies from Indianapolis who showed up at the Granbury/FW Trimble Tech game 10/25 to cheer on the Pirates! They were in Fort Worth for a conference and wanted to experience a “Friday Night Football” game in Texas. They came dressed in Purple and were cheering for the Pirates as much as the rest of us! Thank you ladies!

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