Sound off, Nov. 27

November 27, 2013

Jeers to Brazos River Authority, local politicians and other leaders and Granbury & Hood County citizens. Looks like we’ve given up on the Lake. It’s lower than ever. Now it’s just an eyesore. Property values will plummet…Everyone’s.

The road surfaces in Hood County are the worst I’ve ever seen…or HEARD! I have a fairly nice car and it’s SO LOUD inside, I can’t hear the radio and the phone option won’t work due to the background road noise. What can we do as taxpayers to have the roads resurfaced with a quieter/smoother surface? Senator Birdwell? Councilmen?

In reply to the jeer to churches on using guitars and drums in their worship services, I would like to CHEER those churches who have embraced all gifted musicians to play whatever instrument unto the Lord. He is only pleased when our focus is on Him & not what style of music WE prefer. If you ask Him, I think He likes a loud organ and drums!

My wife and I and friends had breakfast at a local restaurant. When we went to pay our bill, someone had already paid for it. Think his name is Tommy. Thanks very much!

Blow up the power plant, with NO notice? It was so loud my house MOVED!

Jeers to all elected officials for not protecting the civil rights of the citizens of this county and helping them to be violated. Since when does a cheek swab check your alcohol consumption? What’s next?

Twenty-two kids from the AMS Band earned a place in the All Region Band. What an awesome accomplishment for those kids!

Cheers we are going to finally get the fishing dock finished.

Dear Church, Thanks for the beautiful brochure and the finely crafted letter asking for $. If you look at the attendance book you would see I have not been in nearly one year. I have changed churches. I highly recommend you connect with those who have been lacking in attendance in advance of your fund raising. Sincerely, Former Member.

Jeers to the solicitor who when told No Thank just hangs up.

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