Sound Off, Nov. 21

November 21, 2012

Jeers to the elderly redneck who harassed a woman at the gas pump on Saturday, Nov. 18. Get an anger management course. And here’s a tip: If there’s a line to wait in, get in it! Don’t assume whichever pump comes open next is magically yours!

BRA bills me for my dock and bills me for my lake water pump but I haven’t been able to use either for months. They honor their contracts with downstream water users. Since they keep billing me isn’t that an implied “contract” also? Bills to waterfront homeowners should be adjusted, credited or cancelled based on the lake level.

Jeers to the inconsiderate persons who think Crystal Lake is hunting lake. It is a small, quiet residential lake surrounded by the homes of people trying to sleep at 7 Sunday morning. The sound of your gunshots was alarming and disconcerting. There are many rural areas in Hood County where you may hunt. Leave us in peace!

Cheers to the lady with her mother that was behind me in line at boys and girls resale shop. Thank you for your kindness of helping me out when I was a dollar short for my purchase. I too believe in the small acts of random kindness can only make the world a better place and I hope that in some way one day that kindness is returned to you.

Cheers to the Tolar Rattler fan base it was great to see all of the past present and future Rattler fans that attended the bi-district play off game in Springtown. We need everybody to attend the next game and you need to bring all your loud friends and family to cheer these hard working players to the next win.

So many talented AMS girls are being thrown to the way side and dreams of playing any sport gone forever.

A big cheer to the newly formed Tolar band color guard. They have added an extra boost to the program, and we have truly enjoyed watching their performances at halftime. Thank you, Tolar ISD for establishing this exciting touch to your band curriculum this year. As the color guard enhances the band, we look forward to watching continued growth in band.

Jeers to the Tolar Police Dept. for spending all their time writing speeding tickets and no time writing tickets for using a cell phone in a school zone! See it happen every morn. and afternoon!

I am proud to live in a country where I can make choices! President Obama seems to understand the common folk – the dependable ones that work hard, are proud of their accomplishments and go the extra mile.

So very proud of our Tolar Rattler football team in the playoffs! They have worked very hard this year to get to this point. Thank you to all the coaches who put in all their hard work and time with our boys. Thank you to the cheerleaders, band, parents and wonderful fans who support every team in our community.

Thank you Tolar Jr. High student council for a great job helping out with the Thanksgiving Feast for the Elementary school. You did a super job; from pouring tea to washing dishes and cleaning tables! It is refreshing to see our young people working hard, volunteering to help others. Proud of all our Tolar Rattlers!!

What would a pep rally be with out the band! They add so much to the pep rally. Their school spirit is contagious. Thanks GHS band you are great!

Jeers to political divisiveness. I voted for President Obama and trust me I’m not stupid. I’ll compare lifelong accomplishments/resumes with anyone anytime. But for those of you who think I’m stupid anyway due to whatever bias you possess, you should consider doing some real research. The GOP thirst for “D” derision is hurting the party.

I cannot believe you would call someone that voted for Obama stupid. In my eyes you are the stupid one for even thinking about voting for Romney. I would not have voted for him even if I was of the Republic party. He couldn’t even win his own state. That should tell you something about your so call man stupid.

Cheers to Travis Benson for his Golf Scholarship to New Mexico State. What a fine young man.

Cheers to a car wash for providing Free car washes for Vets on Monday the 12th. Way to go!

Very big cheer to the girls on the football field, I am glad to see more girls play football. You go girls make us girls and women proud.

Jeers on stray dog comments. Place blame where it belongs with irresponsible owners. You can’t drive anywhere in Granbury without seeing a dumped animal. Authorities need to bring animal cruelty charges. Don’t treat your animal like garbage, take it to AC to be humanely euthanized. Complaining solves nothing, making changes does.

Cheers to Becky Mauldin and her city utility department. They have a very difficult job (dealing with citizens and their utility bills). Miss Mauldin has always been professional and courteous to me and I appreciate that.

The founding fathers intended a two-party system (checks and balances) – we have that with a Democrat Senate and Republican House. It will work, if everyone will unite instead of falling victim to hate and division.

Jeers to the City of Granbury for having the worst water in the state and the highest electricity.

Why is it that Granbury has the worse wait staff that expect tips for being rude and give terrible service?

Cheers and thank you to my family and friends for making my birthday so special. Nana Margie.

Jeers: Why can’t we restrict election campaigns to 3 months for TV, radio, internet ads, then 3 months for travel and then VOTE! What can they say that they haven’t already said in 6 months? The rest of the world must be laughing their heads off at the Billions spent in our two-year campaigns. Britain elects a prime minister in 45 days!

Cheers to the cast and crew of The Drowsy Chaperone at GHS. Your hard work with Mr. Groeschel paid off in a well run show with great comedy, singing and dancing. You covered all the details with amazing stage design and costumes and we can’t forget the piano talent of Mr. Doss. What a great treasure you are to Hood County!

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