Sound Off, Nov. 20

November 20, 2013

Granbury has the worst litter bugs there is! Never have I seen so much trash along the roads. Beautiful homes & businesses, but our ditches are full of trash.

In regards to the President, it is so astonishing that it took this long for the majority of Americans to finally see what many of us knew from day one.

Jeers to the punks in the big trucks who speed through and drive recklessly in the parking lots of businesses on Pirate and Industrial after school kicking up rocks to hit the cars parked there.

Jeers to all who voted for the school bond & can’t see that we don’t need a million dollar bond to make Grby look like every other school in Texas. What needs to be built is an Acton high school for our growing community!

Jeers to all the complaints about the Christmas lights being put up around the square! STOP WHINING and find something better to do than complain about lights that others are doing for YOUR enjoyment!

Has anyone else noticed all of the trash along Hwy. 377 East? In 30 years, I have never seen so much litter on a Texas Hwy.

JEERS to businesses who do not provide a restroom for customers, even in a “case of emergency” with a child.

Cheers to the AMS cheer squad! These young ladies did great during the football season!

Jeers to people that do not pull over for emergency vehicles! I do pull over, but it’s hard when you are not in the far lane and cannot move over quickly. I hope that it isn’t your loved one that the emergency crews are trying to assist. Move over!

Cheers to Sheriff Deeds! Thank you for being so active in our community and setting excellent standards! Your community stands behind you!

Cheers to Professor Endsley at Weatherford College in Granbury. You make History a treat to learn. I just want to thank you for an awesome learning experience!

Congratulations, I think the wealthy people of Hood County finally found a way to rid the county of working poor people. You just put up a bond every year. I can no longer afford to live here and will have to move. My neighbor has already put his house up for sale.

Jeers to the degenerate(s) who decapitated a cat and put it in the middle of the road for the children on their school bus to see.

Attention Brazos River Authority: With the lake at record lows, could there possibly be a better time to remove the ugly dead tree eyesores that greet people coming into Granbury as they cross the Pearl St. bridge? Come on…the fish have plenty of “structure” north of the RR bridge where stumps & trees abound!

On Saturday several youth from Granbury Baptist Church came by and asked to mow & clean up our yard. On fixed income, I politely declined expecting to make a small donation. They assured me, however, that they only wanted to do it out of kindness. How blessed we are to have kids with such sensitive hearts to give! Thanks from a grateful retiree.

When and why did it become necessary to have loud drums and guitars in worship services? Hard to worship in all that noise!

To the honest man who turned my purse into the desk at Home Depot on 10-31, everything intact, God bless you!

Cheers to the Tolar Rattler cheerleaders. You work so hard and it shows.

Cheers! Thank you so much for paying for my breakfast Oct. 14 about 10 a.m. I will pay it forward. Thanks so much for making my day brighter.

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