Sound Off, Nov. 14

November 14, 2012

Cheers to the sweet person who found my dry cleaning bag at Hideaway Bay and Meander. You propped it up right by the stop sign for me to find it. I am so grateful for your kindness! I love my town!

Jeers to FFA students that pay someone to care for their steers. They don’t even keep them at their residence or in Hood County for that matter!

Jeers to the short sighted commentator on animal control. Maybe if you had 80% of your livestock crop for the year killed by stray dog packs you might just view the world in a little different view than from within your cozy development.

When decorating the Christmas trees on the square, using a theme with cowboy hats should include cowboy hats. A tree covered in men’s straw hats hoping they pass as cowboy hats just doesn’t do the intended theme justice.

Thanks to Lois Joplin and her crew at the main polling location. I took my 91 year old mother to the early voting. She waited in the air conditioned car while I got her signed in. Pat, one of the poll workers, came out to my car parked at the curb and took care of my mother’s voting. Such great service that I and my mother appreciated.

We live in Pecan Plantation on the golf course and our trees have produced a nice crop this year. We are stunned at the number of people that walk or drive golf carts onto our property damaging our sprinkler heads to take what they want. In approaching these folks, they want to argue! We water and fertilize and they steal our bounty!

Cheers for our President. I am a lifelong capitalist voting Republican for almost every election. Earned a good living and paid all my taxes. Now that I am retired receiving social security and veterans disability. I am disappointed with the Republican party. Should I feel ashamed for receiving monthly payments from the government? I think not.

Thank you citizens of Granbury, Mitch Tyra was a detriment to both the city and the county. Glad Granbury residents recognized this! Congrats to Mr. Pirkle. Granbury has already had about all it can handle of Mr. Sandel.

CHEERS to Mrs. Freeman the director of GHS Stowaways. She has given so much of her time and talent to our girls. The Stowaways have come a long way and we thank you. You not only teach at 3 campuses but you are at practice every morning at 6:30 to teach and lead our girls. Thank You!

Preserve Lake Granbury: Cancel water distribution rights to Comanche Peak, Hood, Somervell and Johnson Counties; turn off the lights and drill water wells.

Cheers to the voters in the City of Granbury. No more embarrassing tirades in the council meetings.

Jeers to the people who continue to go the wrong way in school zones. Especially the GISD employees who balk when confronted. They should be setting better example.

Kudos to all the bosses who encouraged their employees to vote, but extra kudos to the bosses who told their hourly employees to vote while “on the clock.”

Kudos to Brian Thomas, Tolar ISD Board President for his act of kindness in getting up from his seat to help an elderly person up the steps and into her seat at the basketball game on November 6. Your parents raised you right!

Cheers to the ladies of Blue Water Shores. Two homes burned and a third received exterior damage. Neighbors banded together to provide sandwiches, chips, and cookies for the firefighters that day. We, the firefighters, appreciate that more than you know. Thanks for going over and above. You have great community spirit!

Cheers to all that voted for the rec center. Our kids needed this and will greatly benefit from it! Thank you again for all the support.

Jeers to the YMCA being built in Acton! GRANBURY is where it should be!

I can’t believe that there are actually enough stupid people out there to re-elect Obama! And yes if you voted for Obama I am calling you stupid!

Jeers to the business in town who is using the American flags as outside decor after Labor Day. One flag but flags on two sides of your business is not patriot. As a political figure in town you should read about how and when to display the American Flag.

Jeers to the HCYBA … if you are not a coach, your kid gets stuck in the outfield! How are they supposed to learn different positions at 8-9 years old if they don’t ever get a chance! Sincerely-Disappointed Mom.

You stupid Granbury people, not thinking that anyone might be offended if you played Jefferson’s “Movin’ On Up” music at a football game? Really? Reminds me of when one of my friends, who happens to be black, told me the people at her Granbury church were including her in passing around hateful anti-Obama emails! Wake up! Get out more!

Jeers to pet owners who allow their animals to roam. Your animal must be under your control at all times. Cat feces spread in your garden or composted does not provide the benefits to your garden that other manure does. Further, cat feces can be hazardous to human health & that of domestic pets, it contains E. coli, Toxoplasmosis & Leptospirosis.

Gambling, you need to take all the machines out of grocery stores and restaurants, any time you put money in and are not promised something in return it’s gambling, and those machines are targeting children, the arm moves over the object drops over the stuffed toy, then always drops it, too heavy, hardly ever do you get a prize.

Jeers to those in DCBE that continue to steal Pres. Obama signs out of the yards. Seems like those “Good Christian” opponents have forgotten the commandant “Thou shall not steal.” I thought we all lived in a free country with free speech or maybe that only applies to them. Next I’ll expect crosses being burned in our yards.

Jeers to city leaders for planning a dog park when there is yet to be a skate park for our youth. People are more important. Their priorities are wrong!

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