Sound Off, Nov. 13

November 13, 2013

Jeers go out to people that park in handicap spaces and sit behind the drivers wheel after dropping off a person at the front door of a business. There are other handicapped people that need that space.

Cheers to the Granbury SWAT Team for voluntarily joining the Brawner Intermediate students in their third annual Scarecrow Scamper Run-a-Thon. Together they ran more than 7000 laps. Thanks for your healthy role model to “Just Keep Moving.”

Jeers to the owner of the fan boat that menaced the homes on the lake this weekend well after dark. Not only was the helicopter level fan noise obnoxious, but so was the blaring stereo system and row of spot lights they illuminated the homes windows with. We will ask the Legislature to again consider a ban of such boats on the Brazos.

Cheers to the gentleman who not only found my purse in the shopping cart but drove all the way to Tolar to deliver it personally. You would not accept any reward but you are definitely my hero.

Jeers to the shoddy hanging of the holiday wreaths along Pearl Street. The wreaths are appreciated, but not when they are left hanging with one side smashed flat.

Cheers to 4th grade teacher Mrs. Robertson and all the great teachers at Mambrino who are and have done such a terrific job teaching my child over the past 5 years. Kudos to you – I know it is not an easy job and it is important to know that the parents appreciate you.

3 CHEERS to the GHS Theater for their fabulous production of the Wizard of Oz! Many thanks to the cast and crew who worked hard & long hours to make it such a success! We are all looking forward to Mr. Groeschel’s next theater creation.

Cheers for changing the speed limit to 65 MPH on Hwy. 144 between Contrary Creek and Mambrino Hwy. Perhaps they will reimburse those that received speeding tickets during the change from 70 to 60 MPH.

Anyone who thinks Aledo is better than Brownwood or Stephenville didn’t live here to witness the slaughter every year we were in their district.

Cheers to Loaves and Fishes for providing quality, unexpired food. This was my first time applying and I was so grateful for your service.

Now let’s see if GISD spends the money as promised! I sure wish I could afford to update my home, appliances etc. Need a new stove but the $450 will go towards my higher tax bill.

Cheers to the voters for Granbury for voting YES for our children. You will not regret your choice.

Cheers to the wonderful volunteers who help us in the voting precincts. We appreciate your willingness to help your neighbors with a cheerful attitude.

Please candidates, now that the election is over for most of you, remove your signs quickly from the right of ways, abandoned property and bushes where they have delighted us for, in some cases, more than your allotted time?

Cheers to City of Granbury Electrical and Parks departments for putting up Christmas lights and decorations. I know this is a huge undertaking, but many of us really appreciate the job you do. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Cheers and congratulations to the cast and crew of “The Wizard of Oz”! Entertainment for youngsters and young at heart.

The energy level was fantastic, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion and all others you filled the stage with wonder and excitement!

The workers for early voting mistakenly required me to update my voter registration since it and my drivers license did not match.

Since they are “substantially” the same (middle initials differ) I should have been asked to just initial a box to confirm I was the same person.

I love CHRISTmas. However; I am disappointed with the boring white lights around the square.

Nothing made me happier as a kid than seeing all the beautiful multi-colored lights strung from atop the courthouse. I wish it could be like that again. And when CHRISTmas is over please take the lights down, it makes it less special seeing them 24-7.

I just wanted to take time to thank Debby Hamilton for your kindness and helpfulness you are an awesome and caring person.

The Wizard of Oz by Granbury High School was delightful! What talent we have in our schools!

Performances by all were professional, amazing character representation, beautiful voices, perfect delivery of lines, wonderful sets and costumes. Flying through the air by characters a real treat. Kudos to all.

The new overlay and marking of the streets are great. Now who is supposed to smooth out the RR crossing?

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