Sound Off, May 8

May 8, 2013

With Lake Granbury down 6 feet and no rain in sight, people still water lawns like the lake is overflowing. The best solution to saving our lake is to replace large lawns with xeriscaping.

Congratulations to the GHS golf team for an outstanding season and showing at the state tournament. These young men are wonderful students and excellent ambassadors for Granbury. A special congratulations to Travis Benson, a great guy.

Now is the time for Granbury to improve the city boat ramps to make them usable during low water conditions. The BRA has done it at Rough Creek.

A First Division-Superior rating for the AMS Beginner Band at contest! Another example of the awesome things going on with their band program!

What does Granbury have no recycling program, recycling containers around town? We are filling our landfill faster than necessary. If anything, allow non-profits to put out containers to put in glass and aluminum.

I would like to give a HUGE CHEER to the ladies at the Department of Human Services in Granbury, without their help I don’t know how much longer it would have taken until I got my Medicaid benefits. They helped me when my paperwork got lost in the system. You ladies went over and above your normal duties to help me. Many Thanks!

Cheers to Mrs. Doggett and Mrs. McKelvain of Brawner! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to our kids!

Cheers to Mr. Hawks and Mr. C. (the teachers of GMS Band)! Thank you for being such wonderful and inspiring educators.

To the young man who was upset because I drove against the arrows painted in the parking lot. I am sure you must have been having a bad day. Sorry I contributed to your problems. Hope you are having a better day.

So the BRA cancels dock fees in 2014? Through this decision the BRA admits that they cannot manage our water resources to even minimum expectations i.e. stationary boat docks which they recommended and approved are not usable. This would be funny if it were not so sad.

Jeers, In reference to one of last week’s jeers. The waterfront owners have also made me embarrassed to say I am from Granbury. I just say I am from the Fort Worth area.

Jeers to whoever decided to scrape all the good asphalt off the Loop and replace it with the horrible loud gravel mixture that didn’t even fill up the ruts left from the asphalt. The roads with this surface are very unpleasant and difficult to drive on.

Cheers to Mrs. De La Cruz for always being available and willing to help out the choir programs, your praise and dedication are also appreciated!

The sheriff hired two more employees for Animal Control in order to keep Animal Control open more hours. However it is only open one Saturday (half/day) per month. Animals don’t have enough chances to get adopted. Taxpayer money is wasted. Please speak up for the animals to save more lives.

If it takes 15 minutes to get through the square then don’t drive through the square when there is an event. Has nothing to do with people drinking wine.

60 mph on 144 reminds me of the concrete slab across the right lane @ 144 & spanish trail. I remember fishing the Brazos before the dam when golden alge was unknown?

To the senor citizen who wrote about not getting a job, I am not a senor citizen (yet) but I am also job searching and it is very hard to find a job, tons of applications, few interviews, for every job opening there are at least 100 applications submitted. I am working two jobs that still only total a little over 20 hours a week. Good luck.

It’s really sad to read how many people are happy that lakeside homeowners’ property values have decreased due to such low lake levels. We’re aware we’re in a drought, but also know that isn’t the only reason the lake is so low. Working hard and saving afforded us our homes. They were not given to us. Jealousy is a bad character flaw!

Jeers to the new minisigns at the light corners. How ugly are those. Really.

If my real estate tax doesn’t go DOWN and is the same as last year, all the homeowners that live on the lake should go to the tax board as a group to protest.

The best way to recover our lake water to a “Normal Level” is to insist the BRA restore the same amount of water that’s been released from PK, 24 hours per day, from the power plant (now closed) that was operating there for that last 35 years. Under the circumstances, it’s the fair thing.

Most ALL the lakefront home owners have “Fixed” docks suggested by the BRA for the last 30+ years, which they tax you on by the square foot. There’s a law of “reasonable expectation” that you can use them! We have been using them for 30+ years! The BRA should be sued to replace our Fixed Docks with Floating Docks. That will get their attention!

To the hillbilly who said America is in decline. Actually the commissioners court upheld the Constitution of the United States in denying the use of the courthouse for prayer. It holds for separation of church and state. That is what the founding fathers wanted and congratulations to the County Judge for upholding this.

Thank you Ms. Kathie, Ms. Christy and Ms. Carmen at Acton United Methodist Preschool for teaching my son with so much love, patience and grace. We feel truly blessed to have you in our lives and are profoundly grateful for all that you do.

Imagine that, county employees wanting more taxpayers monies. What ever happened to the budget theory. Last I checked Granbury’s not Washington.

CHEERS to the decision concerning the courtroom prayer event. Maybe a review of the FIRST amendment by the 2 minority voters would be beneficial. Or at the very least, open your bibles and reflect on Matthew 6:1-5.

Jeers for the reduction in speed limits in Hood County. We need better training for teenagers and testing for older senior citizens not lower speed limits.

Way to go Lady Pirate Softball on making the playoffs and to The Pirate Baseball Team Good Luck in the upcoming Playoff Game.

Cheers we got a dog park that’s shaded jeers on only having one place to sit in each, jeers for such lil parking, jeers for having poop bags on outside of entry fence each area should have at least two trashes inside each area. Jeers for putting the water faucet on outside of dog run areas.

Jeers to the City Park bathrooms. Sunday morning playing with my 3 year old grandson and he needed to use the bathroom, I was appalled at the bathroom condition. Such a nice park.

I have not heard of any water wells going bad since the frackers left. Is that a coincidence?

Jeers to GISD for spending a very large sum of money on the Football Field Turf. Was that really necessary? If you had that amount of money to spend then why not give the Cafeteria Workers and Custodians a Pay Raise! You wouldn’t have such a high turnover if they were paid better. Remember the schools do NOT function without these workers!

Jeers to employers who do “credit checks” to determine if you will be hired or not! Certain circumstances like death, divorce, lost of job can cause people not to be able to pay their bills. What does bad credit have to do with you being a good employee or not? Definitely discrimination in my book!

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