Sound Off, May 29

May 29, 2013

Jeers to GISD for employing a principal that states a child will be “punished” when he has documented disabilities and needs help – not isolation and staff yelling at him.

Now that we have a nice overlay on 51 north out of Granbury it’s time to dig across the road.

Baccus Elementary needs an awesome principal.

Big Cheers to Brigetta Hargrove with the GISD Transportation Dept for her tireless efforts in placing all the tornado victim’s students on buses to get to school. More than ever these kids need some “normalcy” in their lives, and being at school with their friends is a big help.

Jeers to the people who tied blue ribbons all over town, on public buildings and on private property, without the permission of the property owners. Your cause is great, but as in all public events, clean up when it is over.

IF we do not have a lake do we still need BRA ?

Cheers to Naomi, Lainey, Abby & Casey in DeCordova Ranch for proactively raking & piling up all of our downed tree limbs and branches after the tornado! We are donating the money they refused to accept. Way to go and way to help, young ladies!

Jeers to Granbury ISD for having schools open May 16, especially Acton schools. Many families lost everything, but you find it acceptable for schools to be open. May 21 GISD put on their facebook page that schools would not close early due to weather and comments that didn’t approve of your decision we’re immediately removed.

Cheers to Joe Overstreet and all his volunteer team for the perfect ramps they built for me. They all knew what they were doing. They made things possible for me. May God bless all of you. Thank you from my heart. Frances.

Cheers to Mrs. Sheri Doucet and six youths from the St. Frances Cabrini Youth Group for being servers at the recent HALO Chari-Tea. The high school juniors and seniors were immaculate in their dress and immaculate in their manners. All at the Tea enjoyed having these bright young people help serve their proper English Tea.

Never forgotten and always in our hearts! Hope the jury holds the guilty party accountable. Can’t change what has happened, but sure can help towards preventing future occurrences and just letting people off the hook.

Cheers to hcnews and breaking news for keeping us informed about the Tornado and storms.

Where was the Commissioner for Rancho Brazos & DeCordova during the storm, recovery, damage assessment? I have heard he was on vacation. REALLY?! After only 4 months on the job he takes a week long vacation? At least he could have cut it short & come home to help deal with the devastation.

Many thanks to the manager of the Sonic in town who encouraged all of us to take shelter in the Sonic building. She is a hero to us.

I want to hear from the pastors, ministers, priests, etc. why a loving, wonderful God would allow all those innocent people, including children, to be killed, injured and made homeless. No explanation or reason works. Just keep sending in those dollars and they will come with something to make you feel good.

My colleagues and I would like to send a hearty “Thank You” to the folks at Joe’s Pasta & Pizza for their exemplary actions after the tornado. We had just ordered when the storms hit and the staff calmly moved the patrons into safer rooms. Later, they even stayed late to ensure that we still got a great meal!

CHEERS to all the compassionate volunteers in this community including the ones that are helping the animals. Sgt. Kelly McNab at Animal Control is doing an excellent job at helping our animals. She truly cares and works 24/7 to help them before, during & after the Tornado.

Cheers to Bailey Shores and Zack Feyrer for graduating early from Premier High School!

Jeers to front page of It has been the same for at least 5 days.

JEERS TO ALL the GREEDY people taking ADVANTAGE of the RED CROSS and DONATIONS! Reports have been made that abandoned homes are now being claimed to get free services.

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