Sound Off, May 25

May 25, 2013

Editor’s NOTE: Sound Off was not published in Wednesday’s issue because of the extended tornado coverage.

CHEERS and MANY THANKS to First Christian Church, Whitney, Charlotte, James, Bonnie, Louise & Nola! And the WONDERFUL Customers we have! All of you have helped my children and I in this difficult time and Appreciate EVERYTHING! ALL the volunteers, Red Cross and the folks not even from here to help out!

Cheers to the American Red Cross, Operation Blessing and Texas Baptist Men for all their help in taking us in at the shelter, making us as comfortable as possible. Cleaning up my yard, my refrigerator, cutting down the broken branches. I appreciate all the hard work you all expended on our behalf. Blessings to all of you.

Cheers to the Granbury High School Choir who sang at the Sunday afternoon Baccalaureate service – they were fantastic! We were so impressed!

Jeers to the Appraisal District for raising our property value $40K, even though Realtors say waterfront property isn’t selling and values are falling. You have now more than doubled our $200K value eight years ago. Perhaps you’d like to purchase our property and then pay to have our boat removed since we can’t even get it in the water!

The next time Christians ask to pray in the courthouse, I believe the County Commissioners Court should allow them. The tornado this close to their decision, appears to be Judgement from God! Fear God, not man.

Jeers to the obnoxious, inconsiderate swamp boat that was on the lake at 4:30 Saturday morning not only waking people with the incredibly horrific loud noise they were making, but also shining their gigantic searchlight at the windows of the houses along the way.

Taxes are necessary. The income tax is the cause of a majority of the corruption in Washington. It cannot be fixed. Why not explore the possibility of another form, say flat or sales.

Whose bright idea was it to back traffic up for miles to allow a few cars out of the Hilton? I remember when it was the main drag and there were a lot of cars coming from there and a light wasn’t needed there. What a waste of money.

I would like to give a big cheers to our first responders! I was listening to the scanner as the tornado came really close to our house. As we were hiding in the closet, they were going into the storm to help. They are all true heroes!

Who needs a paid Fire Department? Granbury, deCordova, Pecan, North Hood County great response last Wednesday.

I can’t believe some of the employers of Granbury. Firing victims of the tornado that took their home. These people have nothing and you want to fire them because they didn’t show for work? Really?

The people in Granbury are GREAT! I have signed up to volunteer, but every organization I called had all the help they need, most of them still need $$$, which is the thing I don’t have, so may I suggest that the people who can contribute do so and let us that can’t do the physical work.

With heavy hearts we watched on tv as the tornado ravaged our hometown of Granbury. Then the people around us were amazed at the way Granbury responded. Neighbors who were hit were helping each other! That’s just Granbury! Everyone cares.

A great big CHEER for Commissioner Berry who was on the scene & working behind the scenes well into the night & then showing up again early the next day during the devastation the tornado left behind. He was there for the whole county & not just his own Precinct. You are the exception to the status quo of most politicians.

Double Cheers to the 911 operators and all first responders who worked so diligently during and after the tornado that hit our beloved Granbury. The operators were amazing answering the hundreds of emergency calls. Also, thanks to those outside of Granbury that came to help. So much goodness shown by so many people.

I know we have been giving a lot of props to the first responders and all but I would just like to say that the Hood Co. Road Ops department has been out there 24-7 since this started and so have a lot of every day Joe’s. I would like to thank them for all they do JUST cause it needs done. People really do come together in times like this.

Cheers to Texas people. In many disasters people just sit around and wait for the government to help them. Here in Texas even the victims swing into immediate action and help. Way to go Texans.

Heads-up! Be sure you inspect books thoroughly before checking out at the Hood County Library or you too will pay stiff costs for prior damages in the book. Over 30 years being a library patron & am outraged that this happened to me.

GMS and AMS have tons of bullies and I believe something should be done! Two of my children have been getting bullied for awhile now and they have told the school and still nothing has changed!

Cheers to the officers working the tornado response. I was listening to police radio feed and they are very much heroes.

Listened to the scanner traffic during the storms on 5/15/13. First responders, dispatchers and civilians all did an amazing job under horrific circumstances. Kudos to all!

Thank you to Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Schwausch for a great year at NCTA. Looking forward to next year.

Would someone give me some money to study the economic impact on my cattle operation from the lack of water in my stock tanks.

When I read in the paper Sat. that the City Council will exempt themselves from the drug testing I could not believe it!

Cheers to Lucy B, a restaurant crew manager. What a blessing she is, she made me feel like royalty at the end of a particularly bad afternoon.

Jeers to the couple who home neutered their dog by wrapping a band around his testicles so they would die and fall off. Then lying to authorities and hiding the dog! This is animal cruelty and against the law. There are organizations in town that will neuter for free. But If you can’t afford to properly care for a pet, then don’t have one.

I just read two articles. One says that taxes will likely go up because of the lake level and the other says the commissioners are looking at tax abatement for a company that already has a store in Granbury. Folks our elected officials are talking out both sides of their mouths and not doing anything to help the citizens of Hood County.

A letter to the editor caught my attention while visiting Granbury for the day. Just where is the water supposed to come from? I have a place at PK and our lake is 11 feet low. Why? There is no water in West Texas to fill PK. It is called DROUGHT. We can’t get boats out either. Why should PK have to give up water to Granbury? Not fair.

Jeers to the city, county and economic development officials saying that everyone’s taxes will likely be raised to make up for plummeting lakefront property values. Here is a idea. REDUCE YOUR SPENDING.

Cheers to a Granbury business. Thank you for everything you did to help my friend Sonny thru his last days with us. Your kindness toward him and his family is unprecedented this day and age. I just wanted to say Thank You and GOD BLESS!

CHEERS to AMUD for helping solve a problem. You really went above the call of duty.

It is supremely ignorant to paint U.S. Christians as one of the most oppressed groups in America.

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