Sound Off, May 15

May 15, 2013

Jeers to the Hood County Appraisal District. Just got your appraisal and it up 10% from last year. My bank had an appraisal done and it is 10% lower than last year.

Do we really need to hire an architect to build the dog pound? I am sure some local builder needs some work; he can put together two offices for receptionist, dog catcher, 2 bathrooms and pins for the dogs. Just decide how big you want the building. It does not need to be built with Granbury Field Stone.

Cheers to gentleman who turned in my credit card to security at City Park swimming pool parking lot on Friday, March 22. Another cheers to policeman who took time to return it to my home. Y’all made this senior’s day!

We want to say thank you to whoever put the comment in Sound Off about our place. We have always enjoyed a beautiful yard, but as we are getting older it is sometimes difficult to get out and do the things we love.

Cheers to Angela Kidder, custodial lead at GMS. Your crew thinks you are the best!

There have been several comments complaining that the BRA should have allowed/encouraged floating boat docks as if things would have been much better. You do realize that it also takes water to “float” a dock. My neighbor’s floating dock has been sitting on dry land for over a year.

Agree with the jeers to credit checks for jobs. The only way it should be legal to run a check is if you are BORROWING money NOT earning it. FYI…you can not pay bills that are due with NO JOB! Stupid practice ever and creates more people on welfare.

Granbury has a great recycling program. The trouble is the City does not promote it. Agree that items not allowed by the city should be included. If you live outside the city limits, Hood County or your own town or neighborhood should provide/allow containers.

Jeers to the person complaining about the dog park. I think the park is a great addition to the Granbury community. Sad you need to complain about the PROVIDED watering station, parking, poop bags, trash cans and seating and not see the advantage it gives you. Jeers to the middle aged couple making out and groping each other for over 30 minutes in the middle of the pier at the city beach. It was quite a tasteless show in front of the small children playing there. In fact, it was just as tasteless to us adults.

First let me thank the person who left a note under my wiper telling me I had a flat tire at the Library book sale. Secondly I cannot thank Dale Lemaster enough for stepping forward to change my tire, take the spare to be filled with air and put everything back together.

I am thankful for the electric service in the Hills of Granbury area. In over 13 years we have had only one power loss and that lasted for, at the most, 5 minutes. Our water service is a different story. It goes out constantly and without notice to the residents. Today it caught me soaped up in the shower…No fun at all.

As a longtime City of Granbury resident, I have to send out a big “thank you” to all of the volunteers who made Wine Walk another success!

With the West Nile Virus issues plaguing N Texas why are authorities not assuring our ditches are draining correctly?

I am concerned that Christians are behaving the way that they are over the fact that the Courthouse was not allowed used to be used for the National Day of Prayer. Where is the humility? I am a Christian.

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