Sound Off, May 1

May 1, 2013

Happy to see a Dairy Queen back in Granbury but we need new restaurants and other businesses on other highways or even on West 377.

America is in decline, as is Granbury, with the County Judge and Commissioners voting to deny the use of the People’s Courthouse for the National Prayer Breakfast…Excuse, the Ku Klux Klan or Muslims might complain.

There was a time when drinking on the square was illegal. After this weekend’s little wine tasting it should still be illegal. If it takes 15 min. to get through the square because all the winos walking in the road something needs to be done about it.

Many thanks to the kind gentleman who paid for my lunch at a drive-through Saturday. I will pay it forward.

Maybe Judge Cockerham, Jeff Tout and Steve Berry should read Matthew 10:33. I don’t think God will let you off on some technicality.

I deal daily with people all over the US. About half of them ask me if Granbury is the place where the people can’t figure out why the lake is low in a drought. It is very embarrassing.

Cheers – My favorite teacher, Coach Becky Grohman is retiring this year. My classmates and I have thoroughly enjoyed everything she has taught us in the AP World History class. I personally hate to lose such a great teacher as she is. No one will be able to replace her energy in class.

JEERS I cannot believe Hwy 144 is now at 60 miles a hour. What are they thinking? You drive 60 on a split 4-lane highway and then turn on Mambrino Hwy and it’s at 65 mph.

Cheers to all those who are working hard to keep Lake Granbury full because the lake is our community’s most precious resource for tourism and quality of life.

Cheers to all who serve this incredible community. From council members to volunteers, City, County and GISD staff and everyone who gets out and takes action that they believe makes Hood County a better place to live. We’ve got it good. The reason most of us live here is because we haven’t found any place BETTER!

Thank you GMS and AMS band directors for the instrument tryout day. You made my child feel important and welcome.

Thank you Miss Ragsdale for helping our band do well at UIL. You Rock!

Congratulations to the AMS Honors Band on their UIL Sweepstakes. That’s awesome!

Cheers and double Cheers to a GREAT samaritan … Charles Craig! I had dropped a credit card and after intensive search of 2 parking lots, my purse and car, I called CC company and it had been turned in!

We have had recent rains and still our lake levels are dropping rapidly. More so than evaporation can cause. We have boats hanging stranded because they cannot be maintained or put on trailers, which has never been the case and all we hear is drought. Try another explanation. For those who think it will not affect them, keep believing it.

Jeers to the parent screaming at the umpires and the coaches for what the visiting students did during the varsity baseball game. It was in good fun and no harm was meant.

Cheers to Amber Picasso for organizing Prom Dreams Project. Many young women were given dresses and accessories so that they could attend the proms in style. Thanks to the volunteers and donators that made this year’s dreams come true.

Big cheers to Ron Peterson and the volunteers helping people with their taxes.

Let me get this straight. The City is crying that we need more water in Lake Granbury to protect the nuclear plant. Now they want to “borrow” water from the plant’s lake. Goes to prove they will say or do anything to prove that they have totally lost touch with reality. It is the drought. Get over it and wait for the rain!

Speed limit changes w/no prior notice? If you happen to live and work in between the signs, well guess you should just have esp.

Cheers to the Tolar High School band for honoring the loss of a student by recording the school and fight song for his memorial.

Jeers to whomever approved the mini billboards appearing all over our City and polluting our City corners. WHY?

It must be nice when a senior person put their job app. and nobody call them back or offer them a job. They want to work so they can help with the bills and medical.

I was next to a guy at a stoplight on Monday, April 22 when I watched you finish eating a banana and throw peel out your window. Really!

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