Sound Off, March 27

March 27, 2013

Cheers to the Granbury FFA president for having a VERY successful year at the stock shows! Good luck in college!

n Jeers to my neighbor’s teenage son in for playing your subwoofers in your truck so loud at night that it wakes my wife and I. We understand that it is cool for you kids to do that. But please don’t do it in the middle of the night!

n If all you lakeside complainers spent a little less time moaning and a little more time praying for rain, maybe the lake levels will come up. HE is the only ONE that can “fix” what you think is wrong with this lake!

n Jeers to the juveniles who drew an inappropriate male body part on one of the sand bars on Lake Granbury. All of the neighbors on the hill where I live had to see that crude “artwork.”

n Dr. Hydro here. Remember me? I’m the one that years ago developed the following formulas: Rain < Normal = Low Lake Level and the inverse Rain => Normal = Lake Full. Guess what? It’s still true.

n Dear GOP: The math isn’t complicated. Count all the old, rich white guys. Now count everybody else. Yep, it’s time to change if you don’t want to become a relic political party.

n Sounds like Comanche Peak says they don’t need Lake Granbury. I guess we can turn off the spigot to the Nuclear Power Plant from Lake Granbury and fill the lake at the same time.

n I hear a lot about how the lake is low due only to drought, but have yet to hear an explanation for why tanks all around are full and why in years past in worse droughts the lake was never this low while tanks were dry. Get on board Granbury and save our small town!

n Let’s see, first the waterfront owners were promised a constant level lake. That didn’t stick so now their taxes will go down and the rest of us will go up. Oops, that didn’t work, so the economy will be devastated. Darn, that didn’t work either. Nuclear plant problem! Maybe one of you fat cats need to discover and endangered species!

n Cheers to the Commissioners Court for not allowing an RV park in the Acton area. Fall Creek Highway/Acton is a neighborhood community and not the place for an eyesore RV park.

n Regarding our City Council travelling to Washington DC, and for what purpose (?), perhaps Tony Allen will be willing to put up the estimated $10,000 of your tax dollars which he seems so confident that the trip to “nowhere” needs to be made. Maybe they can go ahead now and approve the trip to Korea as well?

n Just imagine Granbury RFD’s own Goober, Gomer and Barney, et al, going to D.C., knocking on the door of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and tell’n them to turn off the lights in Granbury.

n So, Mr. Williams wants his water back; let him be the first to lead his LGWOA followers to turn off the showers, dishwashers and flushing the commodes in their pricey-homes along the shores of Beautiful Lake Granbury!

n When I first moved to Granbury my new neighbor told me to get used to the “PIPs” in the area. I asked, “PIP’s?” He told me that they are “previously important people” who will reveal to you in an instant, just how important they were before they moved to our community. The on-going low lake water issue has made me a Believer!

n So, an Economic Impact Study? At what cost? And, Who pays for this study? But more importantly, What will such a “study” do to increase the level of water in our lake?

n “City May Travel to DC to Meet Nuclear Officials” at a cost of $2000 each. Hey guys, the NRC Regional Office is located at 1600 E. Lamar in Arlington, “Texas”.

n Many cheers to the Police Officer who directed traffic Friday afternoon (3/22) for hours when the traffic lights were not working at intersection of Hwy 377 and Hwy 4. I know your assistance was appreciated by many drivers.

n Where the heck has Chris Adams been for the last several years of low water levels? His recent comments are far too late and out of context to be taken seriously. All he has done is reveal his and the BRA’s agenda to retain their power.

n After all the publicity about fire hazards, only an idiot would throw a lit cigarette out of a car window. It’s very hard to regulate stupidity.

n Oh! Goody, the historic opera house is having a ground breaking this week. I can hardly wait to see a play with amplified audio, LED screens and seats with cup-holders. Jo Ann must be spinning.

n If I convert my boat dock to a sun deck will my taxes go up?

n Cheers to the trooper who gave me a lift after running out of gas on the bypass. You were an angel sent by god. Thank you for your service to the community.

n CHEERS to the new GISD Superintendent. What a positive atmosphere he’s created.

n 16 trillion in debt and growing, the constitution constantly under attack, fast and furious scandal, Benghazi cover up, Obama care, skyrocketing unemployment, 9 million less people in the workforce. How’s that hopey changey thing working out for you?

n Jeers to Hood County residents for tolerating poor roads, low lake levels, unsynchronized lights, and the worse air traffic in the USA! Jet noise inside your house up to 3 minutes and from 8am to 10 pm! Where is the Tea Party! Too busy bad mouthing the President, no doubt.

n Jeers to the Hood County Library. What is up with the poor customer service?

n Wondering why there was only a tiny picture of the big winner (three categories!) for the General Granbury cookoff? You would have thought there would have been more on this guy than a tiny little picture.

n Cheers to the City of Granbury water department! Things have been steadily improving since they took over the system for South Harbor and June Rose Court subdivisions.

n What a shame! During the General Granbury’s Birthday celebration, there were several people w/children and by themselves who did not pause during the singing of our national anthem nor the following prayer. What this says about priorities some people hold saddens me. What kind of lesson is that to teach a child? Please be respectful.

n I’ve been around since the 1970s and the lack of stewardship by the B.R.A. is now APPARENT due to the drought. They have over-committed the available water and underfunded additional water infrastructure and the lack of planning is now reached a crisis. By requesting additional water the B.R.A. only CONFIRMS the need for restructuring.

n Jeers to our local BRA board member. It is his responsibility to take the concerns of the community to the BRA. It is not to be a cheerleader for the BRA to the community. Represent or resign.

n JEERS to all the reckless, speeding drivers that run stop signs in Rancho Brazos, try to run over people and animals. One day you will get caught either by a ticket or killing someone besides yourself.

n I have lost 5 cats to loose dogs running in packs in Rancho Brazos. JEERS to the owners that know their dogs kill and they do nothing, but let them run loose. They have been told many times by neighbors and still think they are above the law. We need a petition to get something done with these owners and their wild dogs.

n Hey.. how about calling the new dog park… Taxpayer wasted money park.

n Jeers to the residents who reside on main streets in DCBE and park their boats in their front driveway. The boats are an eyesore and in violation of DCBE rules. It is also inconsiderate to the rest of the residents who do take pride in their neighborhood. Show some respect and move your boats to storage like the rest of us.

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