Sound Off, March 20

March 20, 2013

Our City, County and State elected officials are now on board and so are many businesses and non-waterfront property owners to Save OurLake. How about the 3100 plus dock owners on Lake Granbury getting on board too. This problem affects us all.

Thank You, Hood County News, for publishing a piece by someone with common sense and some knowledge about our lake and had the courage to speak up with some facts! We are so tired of all rhetorical emotion. Pray for Rain!

Thank You, General Adams, for the most informative and instructive article on Lake Granbury! It is good to know that we have someone in the community with the experience and knowledge beyond all the emotional rhetoric. Thank you also for your service, then and now!

Mr. Chris Adams: You can spend as much money as you want on our lake and it won’t change the contempt with which the BRA holds the waterfront homeowners. We live in fear of your every move exactly as we fear our president in Washington D.C.

Yes there is an Angel in Granbury. Sorry, I didn’t get her name but she helped me jump start my little red Ranger Saturday night.

Cheers to ordinances against smoking in public and even the ones that regulate how many feet you have to be away from the door to smoke but Jeers no laws protecting children from adults who smoke within inches or feet from them…jeers to the lady smoking while holding her small child in her arms, you might as well put the cigarette in her mouth!

A second reactor will have a far greater impact on the area than Lake Granbury. The city and county need to go to Washington to push for loans and funding for the expansion of the plant instead of complaining about the BRA — if you want what is best for ALL of us and not the loud misinformed few.

Washington doesn’t care about the level of Lake Granbury! All the city council wants is a free trip to DC. All the trip will do is show that the City of Granbury is led by a bunch of people that do not understand the roles of government and that the southwest is in a drought.

There are 2 sides to every story. And as usual it takes someone writing a letter to the editor for readers to see the other side. HCNews will never cover 2 sides of anything. You only go for the sensationalism, damn the facts and fairness.

Some people need to tend to their children and the dress code a lot more efficient in the Rancho Brazos area! I see kids running the streets with no shoes on their feet and NO adult supervision! I see one particular little girl on a daily basis and I do fear for her safety! The rising number of Child predators makes it VERY unsafe for children.

BIG CHEERS to Ida Lambert for taking stray cats that show up on her doorstep and getting them fixed. Just her small contribution has saved probably hundreds from being born just to die.

Cheers to Tori Regas Asst to State Rep. Jim Keffer for caring enough to call me back in regard to my child support judgment.

No thank you to the jerk that drove off with just over $45 in gas from my place of employment on 3/14. I had to pay for that out of my pocket and it is more than I made in my shift at work that day so I hope you enjoyed it.

Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Allison White! What value and encouragement you have been for our family! You are one amazing teacher who motivates with your gift of teaching!

Thank you to all the teachers, principal and staff at Baccus Elementary! You show the love of Christ every day by your actions of kindness and love. Creating an environment that is safe and makes the children want to learn. Rachel’s Challenge fosters the community here. We will miss you greatly as our son moves on.

It truly disgusts me that each week we have SO many drug related arrests. I would like to see the book thrown at these people. Do your drugs somewhere besides Granbury!

The city could get more revenue if they would enforce the no smoking near business entrances or public places law that was created!

Jeers to the truck who I saw throw his burning cigarette butt out the window, as well as all the other smokers who do so.

It will be a sad moment on May 31, 2013 when senior Phoebe Wallace receives her diploma. This will be the last time she will conduct the GHS Band as Head Drum Major. Phoebe you have been an inspiration to all of us, a true leader. You have set high standards for our band and turned the dark into light. We wish you the best, blow them away at UMHB.

When do you know you have a great coach no matter if you win or lose? A great coach focuses on all players and tries to coach them all. A poor coach puts all their eggs in one basket and focuses on one player. Not going to win many games this way.

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