Sound Off, March 13

March 13, 2013

Jeers to the person that hit my car with their car door.

After attending the Lake Granbury water group back-slapping and self-congratulatory meeting last Wednesday night, I suggest they set up a Revival Tent on the dry banks of Lake Granbury and begin weekly services.

CHEERS to Brawner Intermediate for taking the 4th grade class to Austin to the State Capitol and the Texas State Cemetery. The highlight for my son was paying tribute at the gravesite of Chris Kyle.

It is simple math: Low lake levels = lower tax appraisals for lake related properties and businesses = lower tax revenues = make up the difference by raising the tax rates for ALL of Granbury and Hood County.

The future of Granbury has little to do with the lake level. The future of this area has everything more to do with attracting new business to this area with the jobs they bring.

Jeers to Granbury’s red light problem. I drove through Wichita Falls a while back and they have many more red lights than Granbury, but they were all timed to allow you to drive the speed limit and never have to stop at one.

Would authorities please start telling us if they think an accident was caused by texting or talking on the cell?

Cheers to the band students for doing so well at solo and ensemble.

Jeers to GHS for not enforcing the dress code. Since when is leggings and a short top appropriate for the classroom?

A few people prefer to call lake front owners rich and whiney than to learn the facts. I have news for you. We are not rich. We work hard for our lake front property.

Cheers to Oak Woods PTO! Your many hours of helping with cookie dough, the book fair, TGIF, picture day, and Open House have not gone unnoticed.

Cheers to Erica Powell at Oak Woods. You are an amazing teacher with an incredible amount of love and patience for your students!

Jeers to the person criticizing teachers for not spell checking Alamo history reports/projects recently on display at the courthouse. It was a colossal job just receiving, processing and delivering the projects on time for the event.

Cheers to the person who found, and took time to return my wallet to a bank.

Thanks Lady Pioneers for a great year.

If you take your dogs to the store in the back of your truck, please have the decency to put them inside when you go into the store. Don’t leave them in the back of your truck and park RIGHT next to my driver’s door! ..a heeled mix and a Roth mix. Nice!

Jeers to GISD. Why would Mambrino Colts be changed to the Mambrino Pirates? Mambrino has always been the Colts in all of their history. Mambrino is a race horse, not a pirate! Do you think that Granbury will NEVER have a second high school, or do you plan on calling them the Pirates too?

I love to visit Granbury but I have to say you have the worst roads ever. Mainly heading into town from Ft Worth.

Cheers to Ms. Margaret and Ms. Karen at TNS Head Start.

The Independence Celebration was the best festival I have attended since moving here 10 yrs. ago.

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